Webinar: Lutyens and The British School at Rome

The Lutyens Trust America presents: Lutyens and the British School at Rome


Stephen Milner (Director, British School at Rome)

Hugh Petter (ADAM Architecture)


Martin Lutyens

18 June 2020 17.00 GMT / 18:00 CET

BSR Director Stephen Milner will introduce BSR Alumnus and former Faculty member Hugh Petter (ADAM Architecture) and discuss the restoration of the BSR façade with members of the Lutyens Trust America, chaired by Martin Lutyens.

The BSR was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens originally as the British Pavilion for an international exhibition of culture and the arts in Rome in 1911 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the state of Italy. The design, at the direction of the Board of Trade, was based upon the upper tier of the west front of St Paul’s cathedral in London: this composition, in an English Baroque manner, was thought to be an appropriate way to represent the UK. Lutyens’s design was much admired by the mayor and populace of Rome, so the site was given to the UK to enable the foundation of the BSR on condition that the Lutyens design was rebuilt in permanent materials. This reconstruction took place during World War I and encountered numerous problems. As a result the design was modified and reduced in ambition on more than one occasion over that period. Subsequent phases of development to meet the needs of the BSR have respected the original concept, resulting in a charming building with a coherent architectural character.

This lecture will take place at 17.00 GMT / 18.00 CET. Please Register by clicking here.