Violence and Fascism Seminar Series

Violence and Fascism: 1921 e dintorni

100 years ago Italian fascists were on the rampage throughout Italy, using organised violence on a national scale, in the run up to the 1921 General Elections. Within 18 months, Mussolini would be Prime Minister and would stay in power for two decades. Italy invented fascism and was the first country in which fascists took power. This series of conversations and talks, organised by John Foot (Bristol) and Simon Martin (BSR/Trinity College Rome Campus) in conjunction with the British School at Rome, looks to draw on contemporary research around Italian fascism to reflect on the meaning of the movement and the regime today, and to disseminate new findings and ideas. Among the topics to be discussed will be: ‘Everyday violence’, ‘World War One and its Veterans’, ‘Fasci all’estero’, ‘Police and spies’, ‘Fascist martyrs’, ‘The Memory of Violence’.  

Upcoming Events

Monday 28 June: 1921 e dintorni: World War I and its Veterans

Past Events

Wednesday 10 March: Violence and Fascism: 1921 e dintorni

Thursday 8 April: 1921 e dintorni: ‘Everyday violence’

Monday 31 May: 1921 e dintorni: Fascismo all’Estero