Thomas Nashe Lenten Stuff

MONDAY 17 JUNE 18.00–19.30

Film screening and discussion of Thomas Nashe Lenten Stuff (2019, dir. Anna Brass (BSR)) with Andrew Hadfield (Sussex), Jennifer Richards (Newcastle) and Kate De Rycker (Newcastle).

The Thomas Nashe Project team, three of whose members will attend this launch, has been awarded five years of funding to edit the complete works of the Elizabethan polemical prose writer and contemporary of Shakespeare, Thomas Nashe, for Oxford University Press. Nashe attracted trouble. In 1597 a play he co-wrote with Ben Jonson led to the closure of all the London theatres and his flight to  Great Yarmouth. Anna Brass was commissioned to produce a film representing this difficult period in Nashe’s life, and to reflect on this English seaside town.