Photo by Alice Marsh

Award-holders 2020-21


Humanities Award-holders

Balsdon Fellow

Dr Hester Schadee (Exeter), September-December 2020*

Roman relics and Renaissance collectors, 1350 – 1500

Balsdon Fellow

Assoc. Prof. Flavia Marcello (Swinburne),*deferred to 2021-2

Rome at war: urban memories from the death of the regime to the birth of the first republic

Balsdon Fellow

Dr Jelena Stojković (Oxford Brookes), April-June 2021

ILLUMINATION: abstract art in a transnational context

Paul Mellon Centre Rome Fellow

Dr Wilfried Keil (Ruprecht-Karls Universität, Heidelberg), April-June 2021

Robert Turnbull Macpherson and his photographic veduta of Rome in comparison to works of other photographers in his time

Residential Research Fellow

Dr Claire Burridge (Cambridge), September 2020-March 2021

The movement of early medieval medical knowledge: exchange in the Italian peninsula

Rome Fellow

Dr Maria Harvey (Cambridge), September 2020-June 2021

Latin signori in a diverse land: del Balzo Orsini art and architecture in late medieval southern Italy (c. 1350-1450)

Rome Fellow

Dr Georgios Markou (Cambridge), September-December 2020*

Between empire and exile: Cypriot nobles between the Regno di Cipro and Venice 

Rome Fellow

Dr Karie Schultz (Queen’s, Belfast), September 2020-June 2021

British and Italian intellectual networks: the Scots and English colleges in Rome, 1603-1745

Rome Fellow

Dr Edward Sutcliffe (Bristol), July- September 2021

Leprosy and religion in medieval Italian society: the evidence from thirteenth-century sermons

Rome Scholar

Antonia Perna (Durham), September 2020-June 2021

Schoolbooks in Napoleonic Italy: social regeneration and cultural imperialism, 1796-1814

Rome Awardee

Dr Zoe Farrell (Cambridge), September – December 2020

Identity and community in the immigrant artisan population of early modern Rome

Rome Awardee

Dr Barbara Gentili (Cardiff), September-December 2020
The ‘modern’ soprano: performing the donna nova in early twentieth-century Italy

Ralegh Radford Rome Awardee

William Aslet (Cambridge), April-June 2021*
James Gibbs’s training in Rome

Ralegh Radford Rome Awardee

Dr Emma Barron (Sydney), *deferred to 2021-2
Protesting celebrity: mass culture and the 1968 Venice Biennale protests

Hugh Last Rome Awardee

Konogan Beaufay (Oxford), September-December 2020
Heating systems in Imperial-period Roman baths in central Italy: Aquinum and beyond

Macquarie Gale Rome Scholar

Dustin McKenzie (Macquarie),*deferred to 2021-2*
Beyond the rock and the hard place: empire, landscape and connectivity in the strait of Messana (300 BC–AD 300)

Macquarie Gale Rome Scholar

Dr Lyn Kidson (Macquarie),*deferred to 2021-2
Coins of the New Testament world: the intersection between early Christianity, imperial ideology, visual communication and the Roman economy

Coleman-Hilton (University of Sydney) Scholar

Tonya Rushmer (Sydney),*deferred to 2021-2*
Fruits of Empire: grain in the Roman Republic


Visual Art & Architecture Award-holders

Abbey Fellow in Painting

Jeff McMillan, September-December 2020

Abbey Fellow in Painting

Jeffrey Dennis, July-September 2021

Abbey Fellow in Painting

Amber Doe, April-June 2021

Abbey Fellow in Painting

Eleni Odysseos, April-June 2021*

Abbey Scholar in Painting

Bea Bonafini, April-June 2021*

Ampersand Fellow 

Professor Jo Stockham,*deferred to 2021-2

Arts Council of Northern Ireland Fellow

Sharon Kelly,*deferred to 2021-2*

Augusta Scholar

Beth Collar, September-December 2020

The Bridget Riley Fellow 

Milly Peck, April-September 2021

Creative Wales-BSR Fellow

Paul Eastwood, September-December 2020

Helpmann Academy Resident

Brianna Speight,*deferred to 2021-2

National Art School, Sydney, Resident

Skye Wagner,*deferred to 2021-2

New Contemporaries-BSR Residency 

Laura Hindmarsh, September 2021

New Contemporaries-BSR Residency 

Marco Godoy, August 2021

New Contemporaries-BSR Residency 

Leah Capaldi,*deferred to 2021-2

Québec Resident

Etienne Desrosiers,*deferred to 2021-2

Sainsbury Scholar in Painting & Sculpture

Charlie Fegan, September 2020-September 2021

Sainsbury Scholar in Painting & Sculpture

Max Fletcher, September 2020-March 2021*

*award deferred or part-deferred from 2019-20