The Papers – Vol 77 (2009)

viii, 344 pages, including 105 black and white illustrations and 10 colour plates


Rachel Opitz, Integrating lidar and geophysical surveys at Falerii Novi and Falerii Veteres (Viterbo)

Carmen Aranegui and Ricardo Mar, Lixus (Morocco): from a Mauretanian sanctuary to an Augustan palace

Roslynne Bell, Revisiting the pediment of the Palatine metroön: a Vergilian interpretation

Andrew Wilson and Katia Schörle, A baker’s funerary relief from Rome

Annalisa Marzano, Trajanic building projects on base-metal denominations and audience targeting

Robert Van de Noort and David Whitehouse, with contributions by Marshall Becker, Thomas Blagg†, Douglas Burnett, Ida Caruso, Amanda Claridge, Gill Clark, Loredana Costantini, Lorenzo Costantini, Belinda Hall Burke, Margaret Lyttelton†, Gilberto Napolitani, Helen Patterson, Philip Perkins, Alessia Rovelli and Sheila Sutherland, Excavations at Le Mura di Santo Stefano, Anguillara Sabazia

Laura Marchiori, Medieval wall painting in the church of Santa Maria in Pallara, Rome: the use of objective dating criteria

Miles Pattenden, Governor and government in sixteenth-century Rome

Phil Perkins and Sally Schafer, The Villa Pigneto Sacchetti excavation: a new interpretation

Robert Coates-Stephens, Notes from Rome

Research Reports

Balsdon Fellowship (Maureen Carroll)

Cary Fellowship (Robert Coates-Stephens)

Hugh Last Fellowship (Penelope Davies)

Paul Mellon Centre Rome Fellowship (Viccy Coltman)

Rome Fellowships (Lucy Davis, Sarah Morgan)

Rome Scholarship (Annelies Cazemier, Rachel King)

Ralegh Radford Rome Scholarship (Paul S. Johnson)

Macquarie University Gale Scholarship (Jaye McKenzie-Clark)

Rome Awards (Sarah Burnett, Matthew Dal Santo, Frances Parton, Benjamin Russell)

Tim Potter Memorial Award (Victoria Leitch)

Archaeological Fieldwork Reports

Ed Bispham and Susan Kane

Amanda Claridge and Peter Rose

Filippo Coarelli

Valentino Gasparini

Stephen Kay and Helen Patterson

Elizabeth Fentress

Sophie Hay and Stephen Kay

Simon Keay

Myles McCallum and Hans vanderLeest

Roman Roth and Carrie Roth-Murray