BSR Online Lecture | The 'commercial revolution' in Italy in the eleventh and twelfth centuries: an archaeological reading

WEDNESDAY 23 JUNE, 18.00–19.30 CET

Chris Wickham (BSR; Oxford)

This event will take place via Zoom and requires advance registration. Please click here to reserve your place.

The image of the ‘commercial revolution’ is traditionally attached to the growing role of the Italian trading cities, Pisa, Genoa and Venice, in the sea-trading across the Mediterranean in the twelfth century. But this is a one-sided image; it ignores the production of goods, rather than long-distance selling; and, in particular, it ignores what we know from archaeology, which is ever clearer. This lecture will suggest a reconstruction of the twelfth-century Italian economy only on the basis of archaeology, and will then compare it with the written sources.

Chris Wickham taught at Birmingham and Oxford; in 2005-16, he was Chichele Professor of Medieval History at Oxford. He is the author of over a dozen books. He is currently (2020-21) Director of the British School at Rome.