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Director: Abigail Brundin, MA MPhil PhD

Professor Abigail Brundin took up her role as Director of the BSR in September 2021. She is Professor of Italian and a fellow of St Catharine’s College at the University of Cambridge, where she was previously Chair of the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics. Her research interests include Italian literature and literary history from the beginning of the age of print, with particular concern for marginalised voices including those of women and religious minorities. She has also run projects in historic libraries in English country houses on books connected with the Grand Tour, in collaboration with the National Trust and English Heritage.

Assistant Director for Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences: Harriet O’Neill, MA PhD

Harriet undertook her BA in Modern History at the University of Oxford and holds MAs in History of Art (UCL) and Art Museum and Gallery Studies (Newcastle). For her PhD entitled ‘Reframing the Italian Renaissance at the National Gallery’ she was based at UCL and the National Gallery, London. She has held curatorial positions at the National Gallery and Royal Holloway, and previously worked as specialist in frames and nineteenth- and twentieth-century art at Christie’s and Bonhams auctioneers. Harriet has published articles on frames and framing in the literal and the abstract, and will focus her research on Roman palace frames and hybrid objects while at the BSR. She is an Honorary Research Associate of the School of Modern Languages at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Assistant Director for Archaeology: Emlyn Dodd, BAncHist PhD

Emlyn completed his PhD at Macquarie University in 2018. He since published his first monograph, Roman and Late Antique wine production in the eastern Mediterranean (Archaeopress, 2020), along with a range of articles exploring research interests in the wine and oil production of antiquity, including associated technologies, knowledges, and economic patterns. He is also Research Affiliate at the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens and the Centre for Ancient Cultural Heritage and Environment (Macquarie) and currently directs two survey projects across the Italian regions of Sezze, Fondi, and Monte Massico and the Cycladic islands in Greece. He has won numerous international grants and fellowships, including from the Australian Academy of the Humanities and British School at Athens, the Early-Career Award from the Australasian Society for Classical Studies, and has previously worked at Delos, the Athenian Agora and Acropolis, Pompeii, Falerii Novi and in Turkey.

Cary Fellow: Robert Coates-Stephens, BA PhD

Robert gained his degree and Ph.D. in archaeology at University College London (1988-95). He first came to the BSR as Rome Scholar in 1995-6 and has been Cary Fellow since 2002. He directs the undergraduate Ancient Rome Summer School and postgraduate City of Rome courses. In addition to the topography, history, art and archaeology of the city of Rome, his research centres on the Antique in the Early Middle Ages. He is the author of Porta Maggiore: Monument and Landscape (2004)and Immagini e memoria: Rome in the photographs of Father Peter Paul Mackey (2009), and is a Socio Corrispondente of the Pontificia Accademia Romana di Archeologia.

Archaeology Officer: Stephen Kay, MSc

Stephen worked as a geophysical researcher before being awarded the Molly Cotton Fellowship in 2012. In 2015 he took on the role as the BSR Archaeology Officer, responsible for the daily running of the department and fieldwork projects. He graduated in Archaeology at the University of Durham and then specialised in Archaeological Computing at the University of Southampton. He has managed surveys and projects throughout Italy and the Mediterranean and has built up a wide experience of landscape archaeology. He currently co-directs the BSR’s 3-year research project at Pompeii, Porta Nola Necropolis. He has recently undertaken excavations at Segni (together with the Museo Comunale) and Cittareale (Lazio), now both being prepared for full publication.

Geophysics Researcher: Elena Pomar

Elena joined the archaeology department in 2018 after completing her Masters at the University of Siena, during which time she had a three-month internship at the BSR.

Visual Art Residency and Programme Curator: Marta Pellerini, MA

Marta joined the BSR in 2018. She studied the history of contemporary art at Sapienza University in Rome.

Deputy LibrarianBeatrice Gelosia

Beatrice has been associated with the BSR since 1981, becoming full-time in 1989.

Library Assistants: Francesca De Riso, BA; Francesca Deli

Francesca De Riso joined the BSR in 1998 and is in charge of the management of periodicals.
Francesca Deli joined the BSR in 2004, becoming full-time in 2006.

ArchivistAlessandra Giovenco, MA

Alessandra joined the BSR in 1997 and has managed the Archive since 2002.

Archaeology Archive Assistant: Roberta Cascino, MA

Roberta graduated and specialised in Archaeology at La Sapienza Università di Roma. She is completing her PhD at University of Southampton with a thesis on Trade and commerce in Rome’s hinterland in the early and middle Republican period: material culture approaches.

She is BSR Research Fellow and staff member of the Portus Project (Directed by Prof. Simon Keay). Archaeologist with a long experience in excavations, publications, teaching, cataloguing, and archival research, she also organised exhibitions and conferences. Her main research interests are focused on survey, ceramics production, and trade.

Roberta is co-editor of the volumes: Gli artigiani e la città. Officine e aree produttive tra VIII e III sec. a.C. nell’Italia centrale tirrenica (2017); Proceedings of the Twenty-Sixth Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference (2016); Novità nella ricerca archeologica a Veio. Dagli studi di Ward-Perkins alle ultime scoperte (2015); Veii. The Historical Topography of the Ancient City. A restudy of John Ward-Perkins’s Survey (2012); Falacrinae. Le origini di Vespasiano (2009).

Finance Manager: Nick Hodgson, ACA

Nick moved to Rome and joined the BSR in 2016 after working in France, the UK and Channel Islands.

Accounts ClerkIsabella Gelosia

Isabella has been with the BSR since 1980 and has served under seven Directors so far.

Human Resources Manager: Chiara Pettazzi, MA

Chiara joined the BSR in 2021,  following 15 years of experience in HR, mainly in international environments.

Director’s Executive Assistant and HR Officer: Stefania Peterlini

Stefania has been working with the BSR in various capacities since 2001, including managing special permits and taught courses. She now supports the work of the Director and coordinates HR functions. 

Residence and Estate ManagerChristine Martin, BSc

Christine joined us in 2012 and is responsible for the residence, accommodation and event planning at the BSR.

RegistrarGill Clark, BA PhD

Gill joined the BSR staff in March 1991, but her relationship with the BSR began as a Rome Scholar in 1980-1 followed by Rome Fellow in 1987-9. Gill now leads our London office. 

Communications Officer (London office): Zoe Firth, MA

Zoe joined the BSR’s London office in March 2020, having previously spent time at the BSR on the City of Rome MA course.

Impact and Engagement Officer: Bryony Smith, MA

Bryony joined the BSR’s London office in November 2020, and works on the development of the alumni network, the Ambassadors Scheme and UK events.

Administrative Assistant: Sam Kan, BA

Sam joined the BSR’s London office in September 2021, having graduated from the Courtauld Institute of Art in 2020.

Development Officer e-mail

Domestic Bursar: Renato Parente 

Maintenance Officer: Fulvio Astolfi

Cleaning staff: Donatella Astolfi, Alba Coratti & Carmela Iorio

Donatella began part-time in 2001 becoming full-time in 2003, cleaning the library and BSR public spaces.

Alba has worked at the BSR since 1993 and currently looks after the north wing studios and study bedrooms in the east wing.

Carmela became a permanent member of BSR staff in 2021, cleaning the offices, event spaces and artist studios.

Cooks: Luca Albanese, Dharma Wijesiriwardana

Residence Assistant & IT Support: Giuseppe Pellegrino

Peppe started working at the BSR in 1999. Since 2002 he has been responsible also for the technical equipment of the Sainsbury Lecture Theatre.

Residence Assistant: Antonio Palmieri

Research Fellows of the British School at Rome

Joan Barclay Lloyd
The architecture and decoration of medieval churches and monasteries in Rome, c. 1050-c. 1320

Flaminia Bartolini
Material legacies of Fascism and Colonialism in Rome

Maria Cristina Biella
Giving voice to an ancient city: the case of Falerii Veteres

Raffaella Bucolo
The Antiquities Collection of the Villa Wolkonsky in Rome

Roberta Cascino
Trade and commerce in Rome’s hinterland in the early and middle Republican period: material culture approaches

Patrizia Cavazzini
The art market and display of works of art in Roman houses in seventeenth-century Rome; artists at the papal court

Francesco Maria Cifarelli
Archaeology of Lazio and the suburbium of Rome

Roberto Cobianchi
‘Lo temperato uso delle cose’. The patronage of the Franciscan Observance in Renaissance Italy

Maria Giuseppina Di Monte
Theory and history of contemporary art

Eloisa Dodero
The Reception of the Capitoline Collection of Ancient Sculptures: from the Donation of the Lateran Bronzes (1471) to the Treaty of Toletino (1797)

Elizabeth Fentress
Roman archaeology

Alessandra Ferrini
On Art, Research and Positionality: practice-based approaches to colonial and fascist legacies

Stefania Gerevini
‘Liaisons dangereuses’: art, identity and conflict in medieval Venice, Genoa and the eastern Mediterranean

Inge Lyse Hansen
Role-playing and role-models in Roman imperial art; late Roman funerary art; provincial identity and patronage in the Greek east

Andrew Hopkins
Architectural patronage between Venice and Rome in the seventeenth century

Clare Hornsby
Cardinal Alessandro Albani (1692–1779), ‘Father of the Grand Tour’: his relations with the British in the art market and in diplomacy in 18th century Rome

David Knipp
The Presence of Syrian Greeks at S. Maria dell’Ammiraglio, Palermo 1143–93

Simon Martin
From peasants into sportsmen: sport and the development of modern Italy

Annalisa Marzano
Ancient economic history and Roman archaeology: the exploitation of natural resources, Roman villas and agriculture

Francesca Parrilla
Michelangelo’s followers in Rome

Guido Petruccioli
The collecting and trade of antiquities in late nineteenth- and early twentienth-century Rome: the John Marshall and Edward Perry Warren Archives

Renato Sebastiani
The archaeology of Portus

Christopher Stephen Siwicki
The detrimental effects of, and opposition to, building activity and urban development in ancient Rome

Thomas True
The cultural and urban history of the Papal States (1506–1631)

Maurice Whitehead
The archives of the Venerable English College

Karin Wolfe
The Venetian painter Francesco Trevisani 

Honorary Fellows of the British School at Rome

Professor Gilda Bartoloni

Professor Anna Maria Bietti Sestieri

Dr Angelo Bottini

Mr Peter Brown CBE

Professor Andrea Carandini

Professor Filippo Coarelli

Professor Francesco D’Andria

Professor Stefano De Caro

Professor Paolo Delogu

Lady Egerton

Professor Emanuela Fabbricotti

Professor Vincenzo Fiocchi Nicolai

Professor Anna Gallina Zevi

Professor Pier Giovanni Guzzo

Mr Robert Jackson

Professor Adriano La Regina

Professor Eugenio La Rocca

Dr Tersilio Leggio

Professor Paolo Liverani

Professor David Marshall

Avv. Luca Cordero di Montezemolo

Professor Massimo Osanna

Professor John Osborne

Dr David Woodley Packard

Professor Paola Pelagatti

Professor Lorenzo Quilici

Professor Stefania Quilici Gigli

Dr Anna Maria Reggiani

Lord Sainsbury of Preston Candover, KG

Mr Michael Stillwell

Professor Fausto Zevi

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