A Community in Transition: Roman History, 200–134 bc


Two-day conference organised by Mattia Balbo (Turin) and Federico Santangelo (Newcastle). Supported by the School of History, Classics and Archaeology of Newcastle University and the Department of Historical Studies of the University of Turin.


The period between the Hannibalic War and the Gracchi is highly significant in the history of the Roman Republic but tends to receive little attention, largely because of the very fragmentary state of the sources. During the first three quarters of the second century BC, Rome underwent important changes in almost every domain: new problems, new rules, and new actors came to the fore. This conference will seek to provide a collective account of this period by taking a thematic approach and considering a number of key issues. An international group of speakers will explore the domains in which significant change appears to have taken place, will discuss areas of continuity, and will debate how a new coherent picture may be constructed.



Mattia Balbo, University of Turin (balbomattia@gmail.com) Federico Santangelo, Newcastle University (federico.santangelo@newcastle.ac.uk)


No formal registration is required, but please register your interest in attending with the organisers.