Why stay with us?

The BSR exists to facilitate world-class academic research and creative practice. Our environment is designed to maximise your research time and our staff are dedicated to helping you access the resources you need.

We welcome scholars and other supporters seeking to become members of the BSR and to contribute to our unique research environment – you must be a member to stay with us.

The advantages of staying at the BSR include:

    • 24-hour access to the Library
    • Residents-only study desks within the Library
    • Laundry, kitchen and recreational facilities
    • Free Wi-Fi in all rooms
    • Printing, copying and scanning facilities
    • Free local telephone calls
    • Support to visit sites and facilities not generally open to the public (success not guaranteed but we will try!)
    • Opportunity to attend site visits and excursions exclusively organised for residents (travel/admission charges may apply)
    • Dining with other scholars and experts from disparate fields
    • Opportunity to invite guests to dine at the BSR at prevailing rates