The Papers - Vol 84 (2016)


vi, 370 pages, including 63 illustrations and 21 colour plates

Ulla Rajala. Pre-colonial Latin colonies and the transition to the mid-Republican period in the Faliscan area and south Etruria: Orientalizing, Archaic and late Archaic settlement and funerary evidence from the Nepi Survey

Mario Adamo. The lapis Pollae: date and contexts

Federico Santangelo. Caesar’s aims in northeast Italy

T.P. Wiseman. Maecenas and the stage

H.E.M. Cool. Recreation or decoration: what were the glass counters from Pompeii used for?

Michael Squire. ‘How to read a Roman portrait’? Optatian Porfyry, Constantine and the uultus Augusti

Rosamond McKitterick. The papacy and Byzantium in the seventh- and early eighth-century sections of the Liber pontificalis

Frances Muecke. Biondo Flavio on the Roman elections

Robert Coates-Stephens. Notes from Rome 2015-2016

Archaeological Fieldwork Reports

Introduction. Christopher J. Smith

The Roman Ports Project. Simon Keay

The Lateran Project: interim report for the 2015-16 season (Rome). Ian Haynes, Paolo Liverani, Iwan Peverett, Giandomenico Spinola and Alex Turner

Laurentine Shore Project. Amanda Claridge, Jari Pakkanen and Tim Evans

Falerii Novi. Alessandro Launaro, Ninetta Leone, Marin Millett, Lieven Verdonck and Frank Vermeulen

Interamna Lirenas and its territory. Rachel Ballantyne, Giovanna R. Bellini, James Hales, Alessandro Launaro, Ninetta Leone, Martin Millett, Lieven Verdonck and Frank Vermeulen

Pompeii: Porta Nola Necropolis Project. Stephen Kay, Llorenç Alapont Martin, Rosa Albiach, Letizia Ceccarelli, Camilla Panzieri

Sangro Valley Project: report on the 2015 excavations at Acquachiara and San Giovanni di Tornareccio. Susan Kane, Alexis Christensen, China Shelton

Research at the Roman Imperial Estate at Vagnari. Maureen Carroll and Tracy Prowse

Geophysics projects. Sophie Hay and Julie Anderson

Research Reports

Balsdon Fellowship (Edmund Thomas)

Hugh Last Fellowship (Maureen Carroll)

Paul Mellon Centre Rome Fellowship (Caspar Pearson)

Henry Moore Foundation-BSR Fellowship in Sculpture (Natasha Adamou)

Rome Fellowships (Federico Casari, Teresa Kittler)

Ralegh Radford Rome Fellowship (Matthew Hoskin)

Rome Scholarship (Jessica Dalton)

Coleman-Hilton Scholarship (University of Sydney) (Camilla Norman)

Macquarie Gale Rome Scholarship (Emlyn Dodd)

Rome Award (Robert Hearn)

Rome Award supported by the Roger and Ingrid Pilkington Charitable Trust (Maria Harvey)