Trading Antiquities in Early 20th-Century Europe: The John Marshall Archive Research Project



Friday 22 January 2016 10.00–17.00


A colloquium on John Marshall and the European antiquities trade in the early 20th century. Papers, in English, will be presented by the members of the John Marshall Archive Project Research group, coordinated by BSR Research Fellow Guido Petruccioli: Stefano Baia Curioni (Milan); Marcello Barbanera (Rome); Roberto Cobianchi (Messina); Francesca De Tomasi (Rome); Stephen L. Dyson (Buffalo, NY); Sandra Gatti (Rome); Athena Hadji (Rhodes); Mette Moltesen (Copenhagen); Vinnie Nørskov (Aarhus); Guido Petruccioli (Rome); Susan Walker (Oxford).

An exhibition of photographs and original documents from the archive of John Marshall will be on display in the BSR foyer until 5 February 2016.


Hear more about the Colloquium and the John Marshall Archive Research Project from Project Director Guido Petruccioli