The Heritage Chain. The structure of Heritage and a Chinese Case-Study

Thursday 24th November 2011


Formal Opening of Conference: Our Future’s Past: Sustainable Cultural Heritage in the 21st Century

Welcome to Rome by Dott. Mario Alì
Director General of Internationalisation of Research,
Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca

Keynote Speech by Prof Luca Zan.
The Heritage Chain: The Structure of Heritage and a Chinese Case-Study
Luca Zan is Professor of Economics at the University of Bologna and author of several major works including Managerial Rhetoric and Arts Organizations (2006); Il «discorso del maneggio». Pratiche gestionali e contabili all’Arsenale di Venezia, 1580-1643 (2006) and The management of cultural heritage in China. General trends amd a micro-focus on the luoyang municipality (Biblioteca dell’economia d’azienda) (2008).


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