The Papers - Vol 83 (2015)

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iv, 346 pages, including 108 illustrations

Rafael Scopacasa. Moulding cultural change: a contextual approach to anatomical votive terracottas in Central Italy, Fourth-Second Centuries BC

Francesca D’Andrea. Monumenta columbariorum integra reperta. Analisi di complesso monumentale presso porta maggiore

Jack J. Lennon. Victimarii in Roman religion and society

Jerry Toner. Barbers, barbershops and searching for Roman popular culture

Joan Barclay Lloyd. Saint Catherine of Siena’s tomb and its place in Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, Rome: narration, translation and veneration

Jason Moralee and Kiel Moe. What Francesco di Giorgio saw on the Capitoline Hill C. 1470

L.B.T. Houghton. Virgil’s fourth eclogue and the visual arts

Edward Corp. Stuart and stuardo: James III and his Naepolitan cousin

Rosemary Sweet. William Gell and Pompeiana (1817-19 and 1832)

Robert Coates-Stephens. Notes from Rome 2014–15

Archaeological Fieldwork Reports

Introduction. Christopher J. Smith

Geophysics projects. Sophie Hay

Interamna Lirenas and its territory. Rachel Ballantyne and Giovanna R. Bellini and Alessandro Launaro and Ninetta Leone and Martin Millett

The Roman Ports Project. Simon Keay

Sangro Valley Project: report on the 2014 excavations at Acquachiara and San Giovanni di Tornareccio.  Susan Kane and Alexis Christensen

Archaeological research activity at Segni in 2014. Francesco Maria Cifarelli and Federica Colaiacomo and Stephen Kay and Christopher Smith and Letizia Ceccarelli and Camilla Panzieri and Llorenç Alapont

The Basentello Valley archaeological research July-August 2014. Myles McCallum and Nicholas Parsons and Hans vanderLeest and Giuseppe Garofalo and Luigi Zotta

Research at Vagnari. Tracy Prowse and Maureen Carroll

Research Reports

Balsdon Fellowship (Aristotle Kallis)
Hugh Last Fellowship (Carol Harrison)
Radford Rome Fellowship (Rebecca Raynor)
Rome Scholarship (Austeja Mackelaite)
Coleman-Hilton Scholarship (University of Sydney) (Byron Waldron)
Macquarie Gale Rome Scholarship (Christopher J. Haddad)
Rome Award supported by the Pilkington Trust (Kate Willman)
Rome Awards (Sam Kennerley, Giorgio Lizzul, Katherine McDonald, Felix Waldmann
Giles Worsley Travel Fellowship (Ricardo Agarez)