The Papers - Vol 80 (2012)

iv, 380 pages, including 95 black and white illustrations

Seth G. Bernard. Continuing the debate on Rome’s earliest circuit walls

Jane Draycott. Dynastic politics, defeat, decadence and dining: Cleopatra Selene on the so-called ‘Africa’ dish from the Villa della Pisanella at Boscoreale

Donato Attanasio, Matthias Bruno, Walter Prochaska and Alì Bahadir Yavuz. Aphrodisian marble from the Göktepe quarries: the Little Barbarians, Roman copies from the Attalid Dedication in Athens
Caillan Davenport. Soldiers and equestrian rank in the third century AD

Lucy Grig. Deconstructing the symbolic city: Jerome as guide to late antique Rome

Richard Hodges, Sarah Leppard and John Mitchell. Reconstructing the later eighth-century claustrum at San Vincenzo al Volturno
Tommaso Casini. Thirteenth-century seigniorial institutions and officials of the Guidi counts

Joan Barclay Lloyd. Paintings for Dominican nuns: a new look at the images of saints, scenes from the New Testament and Apocrypha, and episodes from the life of Saint Catherine of Siena in the medieval apse of San Sisto Vecchio in Rome

William Stenhouse. Panvinio and descriptio: renditions of history and antiquity in the late Renaissance

Simon Stoddart, Pier Matteo Barone, Jeremy Bennett, Letizia Ceccarelli, Gabriele Cifani, James Clackson, Irma della Giovampaola, Carlotta Ferrara, Francesca Fulminante, Tom Licence, Caroline Malone, Laura Matacchioni, Alex Mullen, Federico Nomi, Elena Pettinelli, David Redhouse and Nicholas Whitehead. Opening the frontier: the Gubbio–Perugia frontier in the course of history

Christopher J. Smith. A hundred years of Roman history: historiography and intellectual culture

Robert Coates-Stephens. Notes from Rome 2011–12


Research Reports

Balsdon Fellowship (Costas Panayotakis, Cordelia Warr)

Hugh Last Fellowship (L.B.T. Houghton)

Rome Fellowships (Jane Draycott, Peter Fane-Saunders)

Ralegh Radford Rome Fellowships (Rafael Scopacasa, Robyn Veal)

Rome Scholarships (Laura Banducci, Victoria Leitch, Simon Macdonald, Anita Viola Sganzerla)

Macquarie University Gale Scholarship (Ellen Westcott)

British School at Rome/Society for Libyan Studies Postdoctoral Fellowship (Barbara Spadaro)

Rome Awards (Joanne Allen, Alec Corio, Dom Holdaway, Duncan Keenan-Jones, Rebecca Usherwood, Simon Williams)

Giles Worsley Travel Fellowship (Léa-Catherine Szacka)


Archaeological Fieldwork Reports

Interamna Lirenas. Giovanna R. Bellini, Sophie Hay, Alessandro Launaro, Ninetta Leone and Martin Millett

Herculaneum Conservation Project. Domenico Camardo, Sarah Court and Jane Thompson

Falacrinae. Filippo Coarelli, Stephen Kay, Helen Patterson, Luca Tripaldi and Vincenzo Scalfari

Geophysics projects. Sophie Hay and Stephen Kay

Lateran Project. Ian Haynes, Paolo Liverani, Giandomenico Spinola and Salvatore Piro

Sangro Valley Project. Susan Kane, Alexis Christensen, Hilary Conley, James Countryman, Beatrice Fidelibus, Christopher Motz and Rafael Scopacasa

Roman Ports Project. Simon Keay

San Felice. Myles McCallum and Hans vanderLeest