The Material of Colour: Artist's Talk

Thursday 18 April 2013 18.00-19.30

The Material of Colour: Artist’s Talk

Helen Baker (Professor of Fine Art, Northumbria University)

Helen Baker Two Blue Squares 2013 Gesso and Acrylic on Birch Plywood box with Acrylic on Plywood Box

This talk seeks to explore how colour and material communicate and the way contemporary painters are continuing a dialogue and craft that is both medieval and of current significance through a reinterpretation of the painting as object.

As painters we learn to indicate our own attitude towards our subject through the way we offer the paint as a substance. Paint, is not only explored through gesture, through mixing, through different pigments, through glazing, through the interruption of the supports and through different consistency of mediums. It is explored within subject readings so that the material presence of the paint offers up the subtle layers of interpretation that we are able to negotiate.

Donald Judd has become an important figure for those of us interested in paint and colour. Judd understood and attempted to articulate the wider implications of colour, material and space in the world we are building around ourselves. What is it we are responding to when we consider innately coloured material against the painted or customised? There is something that can only be described as “made” about those beautiful Amtrak American trains in polished steel. Alternatively, there is something oddly archaic but continually compelling in the power of paint to transform whether it’s a car chassis or a canvas.

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