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Donor Charter

All donors to the British School at Rome are valued members of our community, and as such, have the right to:

  • Be treated by members of the BSR or its Council, and all who are involved with the solicitation and receipt of contributions, in a transparent, accurate and honest manner in accordance with all applicable laws and the professional code of fundraising ethics and good practice.
  • Receive fundraising solicitations and stewardship reports from the BSR that accurately describe the BSR’s activities and the intended and actual uses of contributed funds.
  • Be informed of the identities of those serving on the BSR Council and to have access to the BSR’s most recent published financial accounts and be assured that the BSR’s financial affairs are conducted in a responsible manner, consistent with the ethical obligations of stewardship and legal requirements of the Office of the Charity Commission (England and Wales).
  • Receive appropriate and timely acknowledgment, recognition and publicity for their contribution in accordance with their notified wishes.
  • Be assured that the BSR will take every reasonable precaution to protect donors’ rights to privacy and confidentiality, with all donor records kept secure and in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018; that the BSR will not sell its donor list; and that their details will be removed from the BSR’s database or the number or type of solicitations limited if so requested.
  • Expect a prompt, truthful, and forthright response from the BSR by a donor or prospective donor about any matter relating to the BSR’s activities.

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The British School at Rome is regulated by Royal Charter and is a registered charity in England & Wales No.314176

1912 Original Royal Charter

1995 Supplemental Charter

2012 amendments Privy Council Order