Superstudio films: Supersurface — Life (1972), Ceremony (1973)

Wednesday 11 February 2015 18.00


Founded in Florence in late 1966 by the young architects Adolfo Natalini, Cristiano Toraldo di Francia and Roberto Magris, Superstudio quickly became one of the most important groups of what Germano Celant was later called ‘radical architecture’. In 1968 the group was joined by Piero Frassinelli, followed in 1970 by Alessandro Magris and Alessandro Poli (Poli left the group two years later).​

Superstudio developed a holistic, critical, dystopian vision of architecture, and their practice reflected their interest in cinema, visual art, anthropology, sci-fi. The group became internationally known for their writings as well as their visionary drawings, collages, objects, and films, and was included in the landmark 1972 exhibition “Italy: The New Domestic Landscape” at the MoMA in New York. In 1978 Superstudio participated in the Venice Biennale with “The Wife of Lot”, an architectural installation which was reconstructed for the 2014 Architecture Biennale.

This presentation will include the screening of two short English-language​ films, “Supersurface: Life” (1972) and “Ceremony” (1973),  part of the cycle “Fundamental Acts (Life, Education, Ceremony, Love, Death)”, followed by a conversation between Piero Frassinelli – member of Superstudio and conservator of the group‘s archive – and Jacopo Benci (in Italian with consecutive English translation).