Seminar: Hobbes's Thucydides

Monday 20 March, 18.00–19.30

Ioannis Evrigenis (Tufts)

Towards the end of his life, as he reflected on his education, Thomas Hobbes declared Thucydides his favourite ancient author for having taught him the dangers of democracy and demagoguery. Hobbes was the first to translate Thucydides’ history from Greek into English, claiming that he did so to make Thucydides’ lesson accessible to his fellow-countrymen. Several commentators have dismissed this assessment as self-serving, ascribing that translation instead to a humanistic phase. Yet, a comparison of Hobbes’s reasons at the time to his later recollection reveals a remarkable consistency and challenges a historiography, which in the name of context has begun to lose sight of the figures and texts it purports to study.

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