Semantic capital in the information society

WEDNESDAY 16 OCTOBER 18.00–19.30

Luciano Floridi (Oxford)

There is a wealth of content that we produce, refine, consume, transmit, and inherit as humans. They include ideas, insights, discoveries, inventions, traditions, cultures, languages, arts, religions, sciences, narratives, customs and norms. In this talk, I shall label all this content ‘semantic capital’. Semantic capital is essential to make sense of our own existences and the realities surrounding us, and to develop an individual and social life. It also contributes significantly to define who we are and can become. In this talk, I shall explore its nature, why it is important, how such a semantic capital can be protected and fostered by the digital, but also put at risk and challenged, and what digital ethics may do to ensure its protection, curation, and fostering.