Rome under the bombs: the city, its monuments and the civilian population in the Second World War


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Monday 10 December 2012, 16.00-19.00

Workshop and exhibition

This interdisciplinary workshop will draw together the results of different projects on the impact of bombing and war on Rome, its monuments and population. It will focus on the experience ‘from below’, obtained through thorough research conducted both in archives and through oral interviews.



Sofia Serenelli (Reading University, BSR Rome Fellow)

Bombing the eternal city: the Allies, the fascists and the civilian population

Claudia Baldoli (Newcastle University, BSR Balsdon Fellow)The memory of the bombing of San Lorenzo

Maddalena Carli (Università di Teramo)

“Must Not Under Any Circumstances Be Damaged”: the Allied Monuments Officers and the bombing of Rome

Carlotta Coccoli (Università di Brescia)

War damage and the question of art history

Paolo Coen (Università della Calabria)


Tuesday 11 December 18.00

Film viewing : San Lorenzo: luoghi e memoria (2005)

57 minutes, colour and b/w

Director: David Forgacs. Camera and editing: Dan Sayer. Year: 2005

Language: Italian w/ English subtitles

This film looks at San Lorenzo, a district bounded on all four sides, first developed and settled in 1884-6. Its history is punctuated by various events which have left visible remains, like a series of archaeological strata, on the built environment, including the events of 1943 (the Allied bombing on 19 July and the deportation of Jews by the SS on 16-18 October), the extreme left politics of the 1970s and the recent [2005] episodes of neo-fascist racist violence.