Photo by Alice Marsh

Award-holders 2021-22


Humanities Award-holders

Balsdon Fellow

Dr Peter Fane-Saunders, January–March 2022

Ancient Greek accounts of lost architecture and their influence, from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment

Balsdon Fellow

Dr Rachel Haworth (Leeds), September–December 2021

Stasera in TV: Italian variety television and its stars 1954-74

Balsdon Fellow

Assoc. Prof. Flavia Marcello (Swinburne), January–March 2022*

Rome at war: urban memories from the death of the regime to the birth of the first republic

Balsdon Fellow

Dr Jan Machielsen (Cardiff), April–June 2022

Sanctity and the refashioning of early modern Catholicism: saints and their causes between Rome and locality

Hugh Last Fellow

Professor Costas Panayotakis (Glasgow), April–June 2022

Trimalchio and the monuments: material culture, self-fashioning and social aesthetics in Petronius’s Satyricon

Shortland-Jones Fellow

Dr Reuben Grima (Malta), January–March 2022

Inventing the past: reconsidering early modern antiquarian networks between Malta and Italy

Associate Senior Fellow

Dr Emma Bond (St Andrews), September 2021–June 2022

Museum practices in world literature: postcolonial objects in care at the Museo Italo Africano ‘Ilaria Alpi’

Rome Fellow

Dr Matt Myers (Oxford), September 2021–June 2022

Transnational exchange and ideological struggle: Rinascita and the European imagination of Italian Communism during the First Republic

Rome Awardee

Dr Samuel Agbamu (Royal Holloway), April–June 2022

Restorations of empire in Africa: ancient Rome and modern Italy’s African colonies

Rome Awardee

Dr Eleanor Careless (Sussex), September–December 2021

Chronicles of the Italian feminist movement: transnational print cultures and the feminist avant-garde

Rome Awardee

Dr Jacob Currie (Oxford), September–December 2021

The works of Gerald of Wales

Rome Awardee

Marina Inì (Cambridge), September–December 2021

Spaces of diversity in eighteenth-century Ancona

Rome Awardee

Davide Massimo (Oxford), September–December 2021

Greek funerary epigrams from Rome in context

Rome Awardee

Roberta Minnucci (Nottingham), September–December 2021

Rome and the foreign gaze: the reinterpretation of classical antiquity in contemporary art in the 1960s and 1970s

Rome Awardee

Alessandra Tafaro (Warwick), April–June 2022

The monumentality of gladiatorial graffiti in the Roman amphitheatre: a contextual reading

Rome Awardee

Dr Alessia Zinnari (Glasgow), January–March 2022

Art and activism: Rome and the 1970s feminist avant-garde

Ralegh Radford Rome Awardee

Ilyas Azouzi (UCL), January–March 2022

Building capital cities: Rome, Addis Abeba and Tirana

Ralegh Radford Rome Awardee

Dr Emma Barron (Sydney), January–March 2022*

Protesting celebrity: mass culture and the 1968 Venice Biennale protests

Ralegh Radford Rome Awardee

Sean Wyer (California, Berkeley), January–March 2022

Roma acattolica: Islam and Judaism in the Italian capital

Paul Mellon Centre Rome Fellow

Dr Tommaso Zerbi (Edinburgh), September–December 2021

Gothic revival atop the heirlooms of antiquity: villa mills and the Palatine Hill, c. 1818-1926

John Murray Creative Writing Fellow

Dr Rebecca Johnson (UEA), September–October 2021*

21st century food writing: mapping the complexity of eating in public

Macquarie Gale Rome Scholar

Dustin McKenzie (Macquarie), January–March 2022*

Beyond the rock and the hard place: empire, landscape and connectivity in the strait of Messana (300 BC – AD 300)

Macquarie Gale Rome Scholar

Dr Lyn Kidson (Alphacrucis), dates to be confirmed*

Coins of the New Testament world: the intersection between early Christianity, imperial ideology, visual communication and the Roman economy

Coleman–Hilton (University of Sydney) Scholar

Tonya Rushmer (Sydney), dates to be confirmed*

Fruits of empire: grain in the Roman Republic

Giles Worsley Rome Fellow

Giacomo Damiani (Kent), January–March 2022

Learning from Bramante: Donato Bramante’s geometrical forms in Renaissance Rome and the digital revolution in architectural design


Visual Art & Architecture Award-holders

Abbey Fellow in Painting

Richard Burton, January–March 2022

Abbey Fellow in Painting

Heloise Delegue, April–June 2022

Abbey Fellow in Painting

Margaux Ogden, September–December 2021

Abbey Scholar in Painting

Claudio Pestana, September 2021–June 2022

Ampersand Foundation Fellow

Professor Jo Stockham, January–September 2022*

Arts Council Northern Ireland Fellow

Sharon Kelly, July–September 2022*

Augusta Scholar

Ruaidhri Ryan, September–December 2021

The Bridget Riley Fellow

Lara Smithson, September 2021–March 2022

The Bridget Riley Fellow

Barbara Walker MBE, April-June 2022*

Creative Wales—BSR Fellow

Freya Dooley, September–December 2021

Derek Hill Foundation Scholar

to be announced

Helpmann Academy Resident

Brianna Speight, April-June 2022*

National Art School, Sydney, Resident

Skye Wagner, April-June 2022

New Contemporaries—BSR Resident

Leah Capaldi, November 2021*

New Contemporaries—BSR Resident

Laura Hindmarsh, September 2021*

Québec Resident

Etienne Desrosiers, January–March 2022*

Scholars’ Prize in Architecture

Amy Thompson, January–March 2022

*award deferred or part-deferred from 2019–20 or 2020–21