Award-holders 2019-20

Humanities Award-holders

Balsdon Fellow

Dr Nikolaos Karydis (Kent), September-December 2019

The lost gateway of early modern Rome: the development of the port of Ripa Grande from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century

Balsdon Fellow

Professor James Nelson Novoa (Ottawa), January-March 2020

An Iberian diaspora in Baroque Rome (1610-50) 

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Balsdon Fellow

Dr Hester Schadee (Exeter), April-June 2020

Roman relics and Renaissance collectors, 1350-1500

Rome Fellow

Dr Georgios Markou (Cambridge/Princeton), September 2019-June 2020

Between empire and exile: Cypriot nobles between the Regno di Cipro and Venice

Rome Fellow

Dr Edward Sutcliffe (Bristol), September 2019-June 2020

Leprosy and religion in medieval Italian society: the evidence from thirteenth-century sermons

Rome Scholar

Dr Claire Burridge (Cambridge), September 2019-June 2020

The movement of early medieval medical knowledge: exchange in the Italian peninsula

CRASSH–BSR Research Fellow (with funding from the Isaac Newton Fund)

Eoin Parkinson (Cambridge), January-June 2020

Imagined bodies: contextualising the human body in Italy, 4000-1000 BC

Rome Awardee

Dr Stefano Colombo (Warwick), September-December 2019

Seventeenth-century funerary monuments to Venetian doges and papal tombs: a comparative reading

Rome Awardee

Dr Sara Delmedico (Cambridge), January-March 2020

‘Bad luck’ and ‘irresistible force’: framing violence against women (1919-30)

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Ralegh Radford Rome Awardee

William Aslet (Cambridge), April-June 2020

James Gibbs’s training in Rome

Ralegh Radford Rome Awardee

Marta Balzi (Bristol), January-March 2020

Ovid in cheap prints: re-writing mythological tales in Renaissance Rome

Ralegh Radford Rome Awardee

Anya Perse (Oxford), September-December 2019

Imitating and influencing the Roman popular print: dialogues between Venice and Rome in the Cinquecento and early Seicento

Ralegh Radford Rome Awardee

Thea Sommerschield (Oxford), January-March 2020

Restoring ancient text using machine learning: a case study on Greek and Latin epigraphic cultures

Hugh Last Rome Awardee

Alina Kozlovski (Cambridge/Getty villa), September-December 2019

Remembering Romulus: modern curatorial approaches to regal Rome

Giles Worsley Rome Fellow

Mariam Gulamhussein, September-December 2019

Michelangelo and Luigi Moretti. Sentimento costruttivo (1534-2020)

Macquarie Gale Rome Scholar

Dustin McKenzie (Macquarie), January-June 2020
Beyond the rock and the hard place: empire, landscape and connectivity in the strait of Messana (300 BC-AD300)

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Coleman-Hilton (University of Sydney) Scholar

Tonya Rushmer (Sydney), February-July 2020
Fruits of empire: grain in the Roman Republic

Visual Art & Architecture Award-holders

Abbey Fellow in Painting

Paul Becker, January-March 2020

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Abbey Fellow in Painting

Eleni Odysseos, April-June 2020

Abbey Fellow in Painting

Sikelela Owen, September-December 2019

Abbey Scholar in Painting

Bea Bonafini, September 2019-June 2020

Arts Council of Northern Ireland Fellow

Sharon Kelly, January-June 2020

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The Bridget Riley Fellow

Barbara Walker MBE, January-June 2020

The BSR Wallace New Zealand Residence Award

Wendelien Bakker, January-March 2020

Cranbourne Fellow

Marlee McMahon, September-December 2019

Creative Wales–BSR Fellow

Holly Davey, September-December 2019

Derek Hill Foundation Scholar

Tal Regev, September-December 2019

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Helpmann Academy Resident

Brianna Speight, April-June 2020

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National Art School, Sydney, Resident

Skye Wagner, April-June 2020

Québec Resident

Sarah N. Pupo, January-March 2020

Rome Fellow in Contemporary Art

Jacob Wolff, September-December 2019

Sainsbury Scholar in Painting & Sculpture

Max Fletcher, September 2019-September 2020

Scholars’ Prize in Architecture Winner

Yun Fu, January-March 2020