Photo by Alice Marsh

Award-holders 2018-19

Humanities Award-holders

Hugh Last Fellow

Dr Eleni Vassilika, Oct–Dec ’18

The Mensa Isiaca: an altar for a Roman temple

Paul Mellon Centre Rome Fellow

Dr Francesco Ventrella (Sussex), Jan-Mar ‘19

Performing ancient sculpture: Vernon Lee and psychological aesthetics

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Rome Fellow

Dr Sean Mark (Tübingen, Bergamo, Brown/Paris 12–Paris-Sorbonne),

Oct ’18–June ’19

Ezra Pound’s Italian afterlives


Rome Fellow

Dr Christopher Siwicki (Exeter), Oct ’18–June ’19

What’s Greek about Roman architecture? Building identity in the Roman Empire

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CRASSH–BSR Research Fellow (with funding from the Isaac Newton Fund)

Dr Olivia Elder (Cambridge), Jan–June ’19

Romanus: a conceptual history from antiquity to the Middle Ages

Macquarie Gale Rome Scholar

Rodney Cross (Macquarie), Jan–June ’19

Cantus et Clangor: representation of bird sounds in Latin literature from 100 bc to ad 200

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Coleman-Hilton (University of Sydney) Scholar

Natalie Mendes (Sydney), Apr–June ’19

The cult of Saturn in late antiquity

Rome Awardee

Dr Caroline Barron (King’s London/Aix–Marseille), Oct–Dec ’18

Fake inscriptions and the eighteenth-century art market

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Rome Awardee

Dr Tamara Colacicco (London), Apr–June ’19

Promoting Fascist Italy abroad: Italian propaganda operation and results in interwar Britain

Rome Awardee

Dr John Condren (St Andrews), Oct–Dec ’18

An ambasciata d’obbedienza to the Holy See: the marchese Giambattista Lupi as Ranuccio II Farnese’s envoy to Clement X in 1671

Rome Awardee

Dr Hervin Fernández-Aceves (Leeds), Jan–Mar ’19

Power and society in medieval Sardinia: a study of political networks and relational sociology

Rome Awardee

Dr James Morton (California, Berkeley), Oct–Dec ’18

Byzantine religious law in medieval Italy: understanding the Italo-  Greek nomocanons (tenth–fourteenth centuries)


Judith Maitland Memorial Awardee

Philippa Adrych (Oxford), Oct–Dec ’18

Finding Mithras in Rome and Ostia: sacred space and historiographic expectations


Pilkington Rome Awardee (funded by the Roger and  Ingrid Pilkington Charitable Trust)

Eleanor Crabtree (St Andrews), Oct–Dec ’18

Multidirectional memory and street art in contemporary Rome


Giles Worsley Rome Fellow

Norry Welch (Cambridge), Oct–Dec ’18

The adaptive reuse of Quartiere Coppedè



Visual Art & Architecture Award-holders

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Abbey Fellow in Painting

Simon Callery, Oct–Dec ’18

Abbey Fellow in Painting

Karin Ruggaber, Apr–June ’19

Abbey Fellow in Painting

Dillwyn Smith, Jan–Mar ’19

Abbey Scholar in Painting

Jade Ching-yuk Ng, Oct ’18–June ’19

Augusta Scholar

Kate Mackeson, Jan–Mar ’19

The Bridget Riley Fellow

Phoebe Boswell, Jan–June ’19

The BSR Wallace New Zealand Residence Award

Dr Lucy Meyle, Jan–Mar ’19

Cranbourne Fellow

Ann Debono, Oct–Dec ’18

Creative Wales–BSR Fellow

Samuel Hasler, Oct–Dec ’18

Derek Hill Foundation Scholar

Soheila Sokhanvari, Oct–Dec ’18

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Helpmann Academy Resident

Jonathan Kim, Apr–June ’19

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National Art School, Sydney, Resident

Kirtika Kain, Apr–June ’19

Québec Resident

Dan Popa, Jan–Mar ’19

Rome Fellow in Contemporary Art

Holly Hendry, Oct–Dec ’18

Sainsbury Scholar in Painting & Sculpture

Anna Brass, Oct ’18–Sept ’19

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Scholars’ Prize in Architecture Winner

Blazej Czuba, Jan–Mar ’19

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William Fletcher Foundation Resident

Andrew Bonneau, Apr–June ’19