Photo by Antonio Palmieri

Award-holders 2016-17

Humanities Award-holders

John David Rhodes
Balsdon Fellow

Dr John David Rhodes (Cambridge), January-March 2017

The uneternal city: modern Rome according to cinema

Mark Somos
Balsdon Fellow

Dr Mark Somos (Sussex/Harvard), January-March 2017

The Roman census and reception of Vesalius’s De humani corporis fabrica

Annalisa Marzano
Hugh Last Fellow

Professor Annalisa Marzano (Reading), October-December 2016

Horticulture and elite identity in ancient Rome

Phil Perkins
Hugh Last Fellow

Professor Phil Perkins (Open), October-December 2016

Redefining the northern frontier of Etruria

Phillip Prodger
Paul Mellon Centre Rome Fellow

Dr Phillip Prodger (National Portrait Gallery), April-June 2017

Oscar Reijander and British art photography in Rome

Serena Alessi
Rome Fellow

Dr Serena Alessi (Royal Holloway), October 2016-June 2017
Images of Rome in Italian postcolonial women writers

Zoe Cormack
Rome Fellow

Dr Zoe Cormack (Durham/Open), October 2016-April 2017

Collecting on the White Nile: Italians in South Sudan (1840-83)

James Norrie
Rome Fellow

James Norrie (Oxford), October 2016-June 2017

Transforming ideology and the cult of saints: social change and radical religion in eleventh-century Rome and Italy

Simon Barker
Henry Moore Foundation-BSR Fellowship in Sculpture

Dr Simon Barker, October-December 2016

Discovering the statue within the sculpture: the art of re-carving spoliated sculpture

Nicole Moffatt
Macquarie Gale Rome Scholar

Nicole Moffatt (Macquarie),  January-June 2017

A world both small and wide: connectivity and the letter-bearers of Roman antiquity

Stefano Bragato
Rome Awardee

Dr Stefano Bragato (Reading), October-December 2016

The Roman avant-garde: art, culture, politics (1910-40)

Yukiko Kawamoto
Rome Awardee

Dr Yukiko Kawamoto (King’s College London), October-December 2016

Silvae: the Roman gardens depicted in wall paintings

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Rome Awardee

Timothy Nicholas-Twining (Cambridge), January-March 2017

Criticism and confession: Catholic biblical scholarship from Andreas Masius to Richard Simon, c. 1570-1680

Arthur Westwell
Pilkington Rome Awardee (funded by the Roger and Ingrid Pilkington Charitable Trust)

Arthur Westwell (Cambridge), October-December 2016

The dissemination and reception of the ordines romani in Carolingian Europe, c. 750-900

Jana Schuster
Giles Worsley Rome Fellow

Jana Schuster, October-December 2016

Living heritage. The continuous use of ancient buildings in Rome

Jason Blockley
Coleman-Hilton (University of Sydney) Scholar

Jason Blockley (Sydney), January-June 2017

Economies of late antique North Africa: Zeugitana, Byzacium, Numidia and Sitifensis, under Rome and the Vandals


Visual Art & Architecture Award-holders

Maria de Lima
Abbey Fellow in Painting

Maria de Lima, October-December 2016

Peter McDonald
Abbey Fellow in Painting

Peter McDonald, April-June 2017

Neil McNally
Abbey Fellow in Painting

Neil McNally, January-March 2017

Vivien Zhang
Abbey Scholar in Painting

Vivien Zhang, October 2016-June 2017

Sinta Tantra
The Bridget Riley Fellow

Sinta Tantra, January-June 2017

Kelly Best
Creative Wales-BSR Fellow

Kelly Best, October-December 2016

Maria Farrar
Derek Hill Foundation Scholar

Maria Farrar, October-December 2016

Kate Power
Helpmann Academy Resident

Kate Power, April-June 2017

Gary Deirmendjian
National Art School, Sydney, Resident

Gary Deirmendjian, April-June 2017

Caroline Cloutier
Quebec Resident

Caroline Cloutier, January-March 2017

Grant Foster
Rome Fellow in Contemporary Art

Grant Foster, October-December 2016

Catherine Parsonage
Sainsbury Scholar in Painting & Sculpture

Catherine Parsonage, October 2016-September 2017

Morgan Gostwyck-Lewis
Scholars’ Prize in Architecture Winner

Morgan Gostwyck-Lewis, January-March 2017

Chris Browne
William Fletcher Foundation Scholar

Christopher Browne, April-June 2017