Photo by Antonio Palmieri

Award-holders 2015-16

Humanities Award-holders

Balsdon Fellow

Dr Edmund Thomas (Durham), April-June 2016

The materiality of Egypt in Roman architecture

Hugh Last Fellow

Professor Maureen Carroll (Sheffield), April-June 2016

Mater Matuta and related goddesses: guaranteeing maternal fertility and infant survival in Italic and Roman Italy 

Caspar Pearson
Paul Mellon Centre Rome Fellow

Dr Caspar Pearson (Essex), October-December 2015

The renaissance of the Renaissance? Architecture and urbanism between Italy and England

 Federico Casari
Rome Fellow

Dr Federico Casari (Durham), October 2015-June 2016

Roman journalism between 1901 and 1925


 Teresa Kittler
Rome Fellow

Dr Teresa Kittler (UCL), October 2015-June 2016

Habitats: remaking sculpture in 1960s Italy

Matthew Hoskin
Ralegh Radford Rome Fellow

Dr Matthew Hoskin (Edinburgh), October 2015-June 2016

Early gatherings: a reassessment of the texts and selections of papal letters found in the earliest canonical collections

Jessica Dalton
Rome Scholar

Jessica Dalton (St Andrews), October 2015-June 2016

Jesuit confession  and the private absolution of heresy in sixteenth-century Italy

Camilla Norman
Coleman-Hilton Scholar (University of Sydney)

Dr Camilla Norman (Sydney), January-June 2016

Death, commemoration and changing perceptions of identity in Daunia from the Bronze Age to the Roman Empire

Emlyn Dodd
Macquarie Gale Rome Scholar

Emlyn Dodd (Macquarie),  October 2015-March 2016

Roman viticulture and the provinces: an archaeological study on wine production and the socio-cultural connectivity it stimulates

Natasha Adamou
Henry Moore Foundation-BSR Fellow in Sculpture

Dr Natasha Adamou (Essex), October-December 2015

Shade between rings of air: replication of architecture as sculpture: Carlo Scarpa/Gabriel Orozco, 1952/2003

 Robert Hearn
Rome Awardee

Dr Robert Hearn (Genoa/Nottingham), January-March 2016

‘The genteelest thing to’: British travellers and Italian hunting, 1700-1900

Maria Harvey
Rome Awardee (funded by the Roger and Ingrid Pilkington Charitable Trust)

Maria Harvey (Cambridge), January-March 2016

Santa Caterina at Galatina: late medieval art in Salento at the frontier of the Latin and orthodox worlds


Visual Art & Architecture Award-holders

Anne Ryan
Abbey Fellow in Painting

Anne Ryan, January-March 2016

Abbey Fellow in Painting

David Ryan, April-June 2016

 Catherine Story
Abbey Fellow in Painting

Catherine Story, October-December 2015

 Ross Taylor
Abbey Scholar in Painting

Ross Taylor, October 2015-June 2016

 Damien Duffy
Arts Council of Northern Ireland Fellow

Damien Duffy, January-June 2016

 Lincoln Austin
Australia Council Resident

Lincoln Austin, October-December 2015

Australia Council Resident

Joseph Griffiths, April-June 2016

 Michelle Ussher
Australia Council Resident

Michelle Ussher, January-March 2016

 James Ferris
Derek Hill Foundation Scholar

James Ferris, October-December 2015

 Mark Kelly
Giles Worsley Rome Fellow

Mark Kelly, October-December 2015

Ancient and modern concrete vaulting in Rome

Helpmann Academy Resident

Dr Deborah Prior, April-June 2016

National Art School Sydney Resident in Drawing

Dr Margaret Roberts, April-June 2016

Jonas St. Michael
Québec Resident

Jonas St. Michael, January-March 2016

 Mandy Niewöhner
Rome Fellow in Contemporary Art

Mandy Niewöhner, October-December 2015

Rachel Adams
Sainsury Scholar in Painting & Sculpture

Rachel Adams, October 2015-September 2016