Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Campania

June 2003

The town of Santa Maria Capua Vetere lies to the north of Naples and a few kilometres to the west of Caserta, in central Campania.

The geophysical survey was conducted in an area in the east of the town, lying to the north of Piazza Padre Pio. The survey was commissioned by Sig. Mario Gravante. The aim of the survey was to locate and map the remains of subsurface archaeological remains situated in the centre of Santa Maria Capua Vetere, adjacent to an area which had already been the subject of archaeological excavations.

The 2 hectare magnetometer survey was successful in locating and mapping a number of buried archaeological remains. Some of these remains can be associated with the structures excavated in the southeast corner of the field such as the continuations of walls, a small room and a possible road.

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