Maglianella, Lazio

October 2007

Maglianella lies on the western outskirts of Rome in an area called Montespaccato, near the intersection of the via Aurelia nuova and the GRA.

In October 2007, a geophysical survey was jointly undertaken at this site by the Archaeological Prospection Services of Southampton (APSS) and The British School at Rome. The work was carried out on behalf of Sig. Luciano Chianese.

The survey was initiated with the aim of locating and mapping the remains of sub-surface archaeological features within an area designated for building construction. Although traditionally there has been little archaeological evidence associated with this site, excavation immediately to the south of the intended development area determined the presence of a small number of brick lined tombs, and it was hoped further burials and structures could be identified in advance of building work.

Magnetometer survey in progress at Maglianella
Photo: L. Pett

The results of the magnetometer survey did not locate any further remains, but instead indicated that much of the site had been disturbed by highly magnetic modern debris including ferrous material, cement and areas of burning. The presence of such elements can have the effect of masking the weaker responses of buried archaeological remains. However the lack of any evidence for potential archaeological features within the results suggests such material is not likely to be present in the site area. The existing housing development had probably already disturbed much of the land in its immediate vicinity.