Fonte del Clitunno, Umbria

The park of the Fonte del Clitunno is located approximately 230 Km along the (ss3) Via Flaminia near Campello sul Clitunno in Umbria. The park itself is centred on a series of natural springs, and the source of the river Clitunno which flows from the park. Around the lake created by the numerous springs, there are a number of small open areas with trees.

Resistivity survey at Fonte di Clitunno
In May 2002 a small-scale trial geophysical survey was carried out at the park. The survey was instigated at the request of Prof. Filippo Coarelli of the University of Perugia, and Dr Helen Patterson of the British School at Rome. The aim of the survey was to investigate the site as the possible location of a series of sanctuary buildings mentioned by Pliny (Letters, VIII, viii). Approximately 0.24 hectares were covered by resistivity survey in three areas delimited by the confines of the modern park.
The results of this trial survey were generally inconclusive. Two areas produced no visible archaeological remains, although two small linear features were identified in the third area close to the projected line of the ancient road. Subsequently a series of trial trenches were excavated by the University of Perugia (Dott.ssa Francesca Diosonno) across these geophysical anomalies, which were unable to reveal any traces of the possible site.