Capena, Lazio

In September 2001, geophysical survey (magnetometry and resistivity) survey was conducted at the ancient site of Capena, in the province of Rome, as part of the Roman Towns in the Middle and Lower Tiber Valley Project. The site of ancient Capena lies on the hill of La Civitucola, c.38 km to the north of Rome, to the east of the Via Flaminia.

The survey results provided good information about the internal layout of the site which seems to have developed according to the topography of the site and along the road, which had side streets running from it. Structures were also discovered in the geophysical survey and were interesting in their placement, being predominant at the edge of the ridges but absent from higher areas. On the lower ground to the east of the site, buildings are visible over most of the area. From distributions of building materials and ceramics these are thought to be Republican and Imperial in date.

Further Reading

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