Bel Poggio, Lazio

Bel Poggio is located to the north of Rome immediately to the east of the via Salaria and north of the Grande Raccordo Annulare. There have been two significant archaeological examinations, directed by the Soprintendenza per I Beni Archaeologici per il Lazio, in the Bel Poggio area prior to this geophysical survey. In 1986 there was an archaeological excavation on the southern slope of Bel Poggio that revealed the remains of a road and several walls dated to the 2nd century AD. Excavations in 2003, located a series of rooms which were interpreted as belonging to three different construction phases.

Conducting a gradiometer survey at Bel Poggio

The geophysical survey was intended to investigate the archaeological potential of an area within the terrace to the north of the Fosse di Settibagni. Using a gradiometer survey several features have been identified. The most impressive of which are a collection of linear features, in the western sector of the survey area, that clearly trace the standing remains of a substantial Roman building complex. Parallel, towards the east of the survey area are several regular linear features.

Gradiometer survey results

The area of Rome surrounding the Via Salaria has a wide variety of archaeological remains including several large villas such as Castel Giubileo. The survey at Bel Poggio has been essential in expanding the understanding of the scale and form of Roman buildings that are associated with suburban residencies.

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