Baccanas, Lazio

Between the 3rd and 17th of May 2002, a geophysical and topographical survey was undertaken around the archaeological excavations of Baccanas by a team from The British School at Rome and The University of Cambridge. Baccanas is located 30km along the Via Cassia to the north of Rome, close to the town of Campagnano di Roma.

The survey formed part of the AHRB funded Roman Towns in the Middle and Lower Tiber Valley project, the aim of the project being to help provide an understanding of urban development in the middle and lower Tiber valley through analysis of the overall patterns of urban distribution, size and form from the larger major centres to smaller agglomerations.

The combined efforts from the results of the topographical and geophysical survey were successful in uncovering the remains of a series of buildings fronting onto the Via Cassia, with other potential structural anomalies also appearing to show continued development beyond the immediate roadside.

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