As a research institution, the British School at Rome has a long tradition of promoting archaeological survey in the study of ancient landscapes.

The regular application of geophysical and topographical survey techniques to evaluate archaeological sites has been our most recent addition to landscape surveys in Italy.

The successful application of these survey techniques at various archaeological sites in the Tiber Valley gave rise in 2001 to a collaborative initiative between the British School at Rome and Southampton University’s “Archaeological Prospection Services of Southampton”.

The creation of a focused team at the BSR dedicated to geophysical and topographical surveys has enabled these skills and expertise to be deployed on research projects associated with the British School at Rome as well as on a range of projects of Italian and foreign institutions within Italy.

The wide distribution of BSR geophysical work over much of Italy is testimony to the diversity of the commissioning bodies which include Soprintendenze, Italian and foreign Universities, Province, Regiones and local Comune.

More recently, the British School at Rome has begun to extend the geographical spread of its surveys to the western Mediterranean in general, with ongoing work commissioned by partners in Spain, Libya, Sudan, Tunisia, and Montenegro.

We pride ourselves on our professional attitude and high standard of fieldwork and our research benefits from the academic support of both the British School at Rome and The University of Southampton.