Segni Project

A 3-year joint research project (2012-2014) was established by the British School at Rome with the Archaeological Museum of Segni (Comune di Segni, Italy) to investigate a number of key areas within the town of Segni (Lazio) in the heart of the Lepini Mountains.

The project is integrated into the work of the Archaeological Museum of Segni which since 2001 has led the research into the ancient city so that it is now one of the best documented sites in ancient Lazio. However, little programmed systematic excavation has been conducted, so therefore the aim of the project is to test some of the hypothesises put forward by this research.

The project is currently investigating three areas within the ancient town:

Chiesa di San Pietro – The famous temple of Juno Moneta dominates the acropolis. The research will focus upon the area in front of the podium never previously explored, aiming to reveal more of the archaic phase of the temple.

Piazza Santa Maria  – Scholarly studies have recently indicated that the early cathedral and Roman Forum in the city may lay underneath the modern square. Following a georadar survey by the BSR and APSS, excavation will aim to reveal for the first time traces of these buildings.

Prato Felici – A large open area in the high part of the city is also being examined, following a geophysical survey by the BSR and APSS. This area lies between two temple complexes and above the Foca gate, and was therefore an important area of the ancient settlement.