Geophysical survey

Prior to the first season of excavations, a series of geophysical surveys was initiated which employing a range of techniques and methodologies. The objective of the geophysical research was to locate and map the remains of any subsurface archaeological features, whose presence was indicated on the surface by localised scatters of material recorded by an earlier field walking survey.

A first season was undertaken in April 2005 in the areas of Pallottini and Pontone di Vezzano.

This was followed by a two shorter seasons in April 2007 and May 2008 at the site of the Roman villa, in the area of the church and cemetery of San Lorenzo, and again at the site of the vicus, with the aim at the latter being to identify the limits of the site. Finally, a short season was undertaken in June 2010 in the area of San Silvestro (Bricca) to investigate the area surrounding the early Church. A second area was also surveyed above the village of Cittareale in an area known locally as Piscarello.

Here, the magnetometry survey focused upon a concentration of roof tile and a scatter of early medieval material. The results of the survey will be investigated through excavation in the next season of excavations. The discussion of the results of the surveys can be found in PBSR LXXVI.

Falacrinae Geophysics

All the surveys were undertaken by a joint team from the British School at Rome and the Archaeological Prospection Services of Southampton (APSS) and in total covered an area of approximately 15 hectares, divided across these five locations.