Interamna Lirenas

Roman Colonial Landscapes
Interamna Lirenas and its territory throughout antiquity


Dr Alessandro Launaro and Prof Martin Millett (University of Cambridge) with the collaboration of Prof Simon Keay (University of Southampton/British School at Rome) as Academic Advisor.

Liri Valley


Started in September 2010, the Roman Colonial Landscapes project (RCL) builds on past research carried out by Edith Wightmans’s Canadian team to retrace settlement patterns and colonial layouts across the Liri Valley. By combining rural field survey with a study of urban centres, special emphasis is put on the site of Interamna Lirenas and its territory, whose long colonial history makes it an ideal case study. Although focussing on the period 300 BC to AD 100, the project aims at collecting evidence from all periods (i.e. both earlier and later), being crucial to look at how colonial layouts related to earlier and later settlement patterns. In order to “test” reconstructions of Roman colonisation, our research is carried out on two parallel levels: to evaluate and integrate published legacy data (which is done ‘remotely’) and to provide fresh evidence to fill the gaps and even out the current datasets (which requires field-work in loco). Although the two are interdependent, it is the latter which constitutes the core of this project. As such it consists of new field-survey campaigns in relevant areas, a thorough and timely study of collected archaeological materials (especially locally-produced coarseware pottery and tiles) and geophysical survey (conducted by the The British School at Rome and APSS) within urban settlements.

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Interamna field walking


The RCL Project is pleased to acknowledge support being received from the Faculty of Classics (University of Cambridge), the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research (University of Cambridge), the British Academy, the British School at Rome, the Soprintendenza Archeologica del Lazio and the Comune di Pignataro Interamna.

Interamna Lirenas