The Papers – Vol 75 (2007)

vi, 320 pages, including 121 black and white illustrations and 11 colour plates

Ulla Rajala, The bronze and iron age finds from Il Pizzo (Nepi, VT): the results of the intensive survey in 2000

Claudia Carlucci, Maria Anna De Lucia Brolli, Simon Keay, Martin Millett and Kristian Strutt, An archaeological survey of the Faliscan settlement at Vignale, Falerii Veteres (province of Viterbo)

Alastair Small and Carola Small (eds), with contributions by Richard Abdy, Alessandra De Stefano, Roberta Giuliani, Martin Henig, Kathryn Johnson, Philip Kenrick, Tracy Prowse, Alastair Small and Hans vanderLeest, Excavation in the Roman cemetery at Vagnari, in the territory of Gravina in Puglia, 2002

T.P. Wiseman, Where was the Porta Romanula?

Susan Russell, Pirro Ligorio, Cassiano Dal Pozzo and the Republic of Letters

A.D. Wright, French policy in Italy and the Jesuits, 1607–38

Research Reports:

Balsdon Fellowship (Ian Wood)

Cary Fellowship (Robert Coates-Stephens)

Hugh Last Fellowship (James Clackson)

A.D. Trendall Fellowship (Frank Sear)

Paul Mellon Centre Rome Fellowships (Chloe Chard, John Wilton-Ely)

Rome Fellowships (Emma-Jayne Graham, Adam Gutteridge, Lucy Sackville)

Rome Scholarship (Carlos Machado)

Ralegh Radford Rome Scholarship (Keith Swift)

Macquarie University Gale Scholarship (Peter Keegan)

Rome Awards (Matthew Elliot, Kate Litherland, Natalia Nowakowska, William Wootton)

Archaeological Fieldwork Reports (Edward Bispham; Elizabeth Fentress, Caroline Goodson and Marco Maiuro; Sophie Hay, Simon Keay and Martin Millett; Simon Keay and Kristian Strutt; John Pearce, Maria Pretzler and Corinna Riva; Alastair Small; Hans vanderLeest and Myles McCallum; Andrew Wallace-Hadrill; Sophie Hay, Rose Ferraby and Stephen Kay; Kristian Strutt)