The Papers – Vol 73 (2005)

vi, 294 pages, including 75 black and white illustrations


Vedia E. Izzet, The mirror of Theopompus: Etruscan identity and Greek myth

Filippo Coarelli, Pits and fora: a reply to Henrik Mouritsen

Helga Di Giuseppe, Un confronto tra l’Etruria settentrionale e meridionale dal punto di vista della ceramica a vernice nera

Filippo Coarelli, P. Faianius Plebeius, Forum Novum and Tacitus

Peter Rose, Spectators and spectator comfort in Roman entertainment buildings: a study in functional design

A.G. Thein, The Via Latina, the Via Labicana and the location of Ad Pictas

Joanna Story, Judith Bunbury, Anna Candida Felici, Gabriele Fronterotta, Mario Piacentini, Chiara Nicolais, Daria Scacciatelli, Sebastiano Sciuti and Margherita Vendittelli, Charlemagne’s black marble: the origin of the epitaph of Pope Hadrian I

Katherine Wentworth Rinne, Hydraulic infrastructure and urbanism in early modern Rome

Carol M. Richardson, Durante Alberti, the Martyrs’ Picture and the Venerable English College, Rome

NOTES: Sophy Downes, Head of an athlete from Falerii Novi

Research Reports:

Balsdon Fellowship (Simon Stoddart)

Cary Fellowship (Robert Coates-Stephens)

Paul Mellon Centre Rome Fellowship (Elizabeth Sears)

Rome Fellowship (Alice Sanger)

Rome Scholarships (Roberto Cobianchi, Jane Dunnett, Julie-Ann Vickers)

Ralegh Radford Rome Scholarship (Michele Forte)

Rome Awards (Jessica Hughes, Andrew Manson)

Archaeological Fieldwork Support

Amanda Claridge and Jari Pakkanen

Simon Keay and Martin Millett

Alastair Small