The Papers – Vol 72 (2004)

vi, 382 pages including 142 black and white illustrations


Helen Patterson, Helga Di Giuseppe and Rob Witcher, Three South Etrurian ‘crises’: first results of the Tiber Valley Project

Henrik Mouritsen, Pits and politics: interpreting colonial fora in Republican Italy

Paul Johnson, Simon Keay and Martin Millett, Lesser urban sites in the Tiber valley: Baccanae, Forum Cassii and Castellum Amerinum

Ulrike Roth, Inscribed meaning: the vilica and the villa economy

Frank Sear, Cisterns, drainage and lavatories in Pompeian houses, Casa del Granduca (VII.4.56)

T.P. Wiseman, Where was the nova via ?

Pier Luigi Tucci, Eight fragments of the Marble Plan of Rome shedding new light on the Transtiberim

Lucy Grig, Portraits, pontiffs and the Christianization of fourth-century Rome

Joan Barclay Lloyd, Medieval Dominican architecture at Santa Sabina in Rome, c.1219 – c.1320

Louis Cellauro, Daniele Barbaro and Vitruvius: the architectural theory of a Renaissance humanist and patron

Hugh Brigstocke, The 5th Earl of Exeter as Grand Tourist and Collector

Research Reports

Balsdon Fellowships (Helen Hills; Henry Hurst)

Hugh Last Fellowship (Guy Bradley)

Cary Fellowship (Robert Coates-Stephens)

Rome Scholarships (Piers Baker-Bates; Xavier Salomon; A.G. Thein)

Ralegh Radford Rome Scholarship (Corinna Riva)

Rome Awards (Lisa Beaven; Benjamin Cornford; Lisa Marlow; Susan May; Jonathan Prag)

Archaeological Fieldwork Support

Amanda Claridge and Jari Pakkanen

Simon Keay and Martin Millett

Alastair Small