The Papers – Vol 71 (2003)

xii, 328 pages including 97 black and white illustrations and one colour plate


Rosamond McKitterick, with a contribution by Geoffrey Rickman, Donald Auberon Bullough, 13 June 1928–26 June 2002 (pp. vii-xii)

Robin Skeates, Prehistoric chert exploitation in the Valle del Cesolone (Macerata): a preliminary project report (pp. 1-15)

Henry Hurst and Dora Cirone, with a contribution by Angela Clara Infarinato, Excavations of the pre-Neronian nova via, Rome (pp. 17-84)

Andrew Wilson, Late antique water-mills on the Palatine (pp. 85-109)

Fabio Barry, The late antique ‘domus’ on the Clivus Suburanus, the early history of Santa Lucia in Selci, and the Cerroni altarpiece in Grenoble (pp. 111-139)

G.A. Loud, The monastic economy in the principality of Salerno during the eleventh and twelfth centuries (pp. 141-179)

Ian Holgate, The cult of Saint Monica in quattrocento Italy: her place in Augustinian iconography, devotion and legend (pp. 181-206)

Frances Muecke, Humanists in the Roman Forum (pp. 207-233)

Anthony Majanlahti, English properties in Rome, 1450–1517 (pp. 235-257)

Anne Dunlop, Pinturicchio and the pilgrims: devotion and the past at Santa Maria del Popolo (pp. 259-285)

David R. Marshall, Tivoli not Ariccia: Gaspard Dughet’s View of ‘Ariccia’ in the National Gallery, London (pp. 287-303)

Research reports

Balsdon Fellowship (Rosamond McKitterick)

Cary Fellowship (Robert Coates-Stephens)

Rome Scholarships (Anne Alwis; Lucy Grig; Michael MacKinnon)

Ralegh Radford Rome Scholarship (Josephine Crawley Quinn)

Rome Awards (Sally-Ann Ashton; Robert Colby; Helen Dawson; Clare Pilsworth)

Archaeological Fieldwork Support

Amanda Claridge

Simon Keay and Martin Millett

John Pearce, Maria Pretzler and Corinna Riva

Alastair Small