The Papers – Vol 70 (2002)

xxii, 382 pages including 115 illustrations


Richard Hodges, with a contribution by Sarah Court, Sheila Gibson (pp. viii-xxii)

Jean MacIntosh Turfa and Alwin G. Steinmayer Jr, Interpreting early Etruscan structures: the question of Murlo (pp. 1-28)

Francesco di Gennaro, Orlando Cerasuolo, Cecilia Colonna, Ulla Rajala, Simon Stoddart and Nicholas Whitehead, Recent research on the city and territory of Nepi (VT) (pp. 29-77)

Flaminia Verga, L’assetto rurale in età arcaica ed in età romana del territorio di Poggio Sommavilla (Sabina tiberina) (pp. 79-98)

Helga Di Giuseppe, Marta Sansoni, John Williams and Robert Witcher, The Sabinensis Ager revisited: a field survey in the Sabina Tiberina (pp. 99-149)

R.D.Grasby, Latin inscriptions: studies in measurement and making (pp. 151-176)

Zahra Newby, Greek athletics as Roman spectacle: the mosaics from Ostia and Rome (pp. 177-203)

Janet DeLaine, The Temple of Hadrian at Cyzicus and Roman attitudes to exceptional construction (pp. 205-230)

Andrew Wilson, Urban production in the Roman world: the view from North Africa (pp. 231-273)

Robert Coates-Stephens, Epigraphy as spolia — the reuse of inscriptions in early medieval buildings

Michael Koortbojian, A collection of inscriptions for Lorenzo de’ Medici. Two dedicatory letters from Fra Giovanni Giocondo: introduction, texts and translation (pp. 297-317)

Georgia Clarke, Vitruvian paradigms (pp. 319-346)


Karen Francis, Oliver J. Gilkes, Richard Hodges and David Tyler, Santa Scolastica: survey and trial excavations of a Samnite site near San Vincenzo al Volturno (pp. 347-357)

Kim Bowes and Richard Hodges, Santa Maria in Civita revisited (pp. 359-361)

Research reports (pp. 363-373)

Balsdon Fellowship (Penelope Curtis)

Cary Fellowship (Alastair Small)

Hugh Last Fellowship (Lisa Nevett)

Rome Scholarships (Opher Mansour; Gillian Murphy; Timothy Saunders)

Ralegh Radford Rome Scholarship (Barbara Polci)

Rome Awards (Patrick Nold; Louise Revell)

Archaeological Fieldwork Support

Amanda Claridge

imon Keay and Martin Millett

Alastair Small