The Papers – Vol 69 (2001)

viii, 422 pages including 87 illustrations


Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, The British School at Rome 1901-2001 (pp. 1-2)

T.W.Potter† and Simon Stoddart, A century of prehistory and landscape studies at the British School at Rome (pp. 3-34)

Chris Wickham, Medieval studies and the British School at Rome (pp. 35-48)

Ruth D. Whitehouse, Exploring gender in prehistoric Italy (pp. 49-96)

Enrico Angelo Stanco, Un contesto ceramico medio-repubblicano nella Valle del Mignone (Frassineta Franco Q. 266) (pp. 97-130)

Andrew Gillett, Rome, Ravenna and the last western emperors (pp. 131-167)

Marios Costambeys, Burial topography and the power of the Church in fifth- and sixth-century Rome (pp. 169-189)

Diana Norman, A place of pilgrimage: a proposal for the original location of the Arca of Saint Cerbone (pp. 191-221)

Donal Cooper, ‘Qui Perusii in archa saxea tumulatus’: the shrine of Beato Egidio in San Francesco al Prato, Perugia (pp. 223-244)

David Rundle, A Renaissance bishop and his books: a preliminary survey of the manuscript collection of Pietro del Monte (c. 1400-57) (pp. 245-272)

Kate Lowe, Artistic patronage at the Clarissan convent of San Cosimato in Trastevere, 1400-1600 (pp. 273-297)

Christer Bruun, Frontinus, Pope Paul V and the Aqua Alsietina/Traiana confusion (pp. 299-315)

Claudia Bolgia, Il mosaico absidale di San Teodoro a Roma: problemi storici e restauri attraverso disegni e documenti inediti (pp. 317-351)

Nicholas C. Vella and Oliver Gilkes, The lure of the antique: nationalism, politics and archaeology in British Malta (1880-1964) (pp. 353-384)

Interim reports

Oliver Gilkes and Matthew Moran, San Vincenzo without the walls — excavations 1996-7 (pp. 385-392)

Anthony Majanlahti, Mapping Rome: urban change in the neighbourhood of Santa Caterina della Rota (pp. 393-395)

Research Reports (pp. 397-416)

Balsdon Fellowship (Robert Gibbs)

Cary Fellowship (Alastair Small)

Hugh Last Fellowships (Janet DeLaine; Kate Gilliver)

Rome Scholarships (Erika Milburn; Mathilde Skoie; Thomas de Wesselow; Andrew Wilson)

Rome Awards (Ian Holgate; Gillian Murphy; Zahra Newby; Camilla Russell)

Archaeological Fieldwork Support

Edward Bispham

Simon Keay and Martin Millett

Alastair Small

Simon Stoddart and Ulla Rajala