The Papers – Vol 67 (1999)

xvi, 428 pages including 98 figures

Graeme Barker, John Lloyd (1948-1999)


Graeme Barker, Hunting and farming in prehistoric Italy: changing perspectives on landscape and society (pp. 1-36)

Michael Fulford and Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, Towards a history of pre-Roman Pompeii: excavations beneath the House of Amarantus (I.9.11-12), 1995-8 (pp. 37-144)

Michael Lewis, Vitruvius and Greek aqueducts (pp. 145-172)

Alison Cooley, A new date for Agrippa’s theatre at Ostia (pp. 173-182)
Ray Laurence and Jeremy Paterson, Power and laughter: imperial dicta (pp. 183-197)

T.W. Potter with J.M. Reynolds and Susan Walker, The Roman road station of Aquaviva, southern Etruria (pp. 199-232)

Lesley Jessop, Pictorial cycles of non-biblical saints: the seventh- and eighth-century mural cycles in Rome and contexts for their use (pp. 233-279)

Peter D. Clarke, The interdict on San Gimignano, c. 1289-93: a clerical ‘strike’ and its consequences (pp. 281-301)

Kate Gallagher, An expression of piety: the last will of Cardinal Paolo Emilio Sfondrato (1561-1618) (pp. 303-321)

Claire Pace,‘Un monument si beau et si rare’: drawings of the tomb of the Nasonii formerly in the collection of Colbert (pp. 323-352)

Alistair Crawford, Robert Macpherson 1814-72, the foremost photographer of Rome (pp. 353-403)

Research Reports (pp.405-423)

Balsdon Fellowship (Martin Millett)

Cary Fellowship (Lori-Ann Touchette)

Hugh Last Fellowship (Jaš Elsner)

Rome Scholarships in Italian Studies (Donal Cooper; Elena Isayev; Peter Stacey)

Hugh Last Award (Ray Laurence)

Rome Awards (Clare Pilsworth; Carol Richardson; Susan Russell; Eleanor Tollfree; Simon J. Wragg)

Archaeological Fieldwork Support

Neil Christie

Amanda Claridge

Janet DeLaine

Simon Keay and Martin Millett

J. Lloyd†, G. Lock and N. Christie

R.J.A. Wilson