The Papers – Vol 66 (1998)

vi, 266 pages including 66 figures


Helen Patterson and Martin Millett, The Tiber Valley Project (pp. 1-20)

Filippo Coarelli, The Odyssey frescos of the Via Graziosa: a proposed context (pp. 21-37)

Luigi Pedroni, Ipotesi sull’evoluzione del calendario arcaico di Roma (pp. 39-55)

Nigel Pollard, Art, benefaction and élites in Roman Etruria. Funerary relief fragments from Saturnia (pp. 57-70)

J.W. Rich, Augustus’s Parthian honours, the temple of Mars Ultor and the arch in the Forum Romanum (pp. 71-128)

Janet Huskinson, ‘Unfinished portrait heads’ on later Roman sarcophagi: some new perspectives (pp. 129-158)

Patricia Skinner, Room for tension: urban life in Apulia in the 11th and 12th centuries (pp. 159-176)

Louise Bourdua, De origine et progressu ordinis fratrum heremitarum: Guariento and the Eremitani in Padua (pp. 177-192)

Carol Richardson, The lost will and testament of Cardinal Francesco Todeschini Piccolomini (1439-1503) (pp. 193-214)

Ilaria Bignamini and Amanda Claridge, The tomb of Claudia Semne and excavations in eighteenth-century Rome (pp.215-244)


Richard Hodges and Alessia Rovelli, San Vincenzo al Volturno in the sixth century (pp. 245-246)

Research Reports

Balsdon Fellowship (Maria Wyke)

Hugh Last Fellowship (Emma Dench)

Cary Fellowship (Jeremy Paterson)

Rome Scholarships in Italian Studies (Joanne Berry; Franco De Angelis; Christopher Hayden)

Grants in Aid of Research (Alison Cooley; Emma Gee; Sarah Hamilton; Honor Miller and Hailey Tepperman)

Fieldwork Support

Amanda Claridge

Elizabeth Fentress

Simon Keay and Martin Millett

John Lloyd, Neil Christie and Gary Lock

R.J.A. Wilson