Origins and endings in Italian history

MONDAY 19 NOVEMBER 18.00–19.30

Origins and endings in Italian history

What were the hopes and fears of migrants in ancient Italy and how did they differ from those of migrants in more recent history? What were their motivations and how did they hope to be identified and remembered in both life and death? This evening of four short lectures will explore these themes and more, highlighting the similarities and differences between the life journeys of Italians throughout history.

Papers presented by Elena Isayev (Exeter) and Claire Holleran (Exeter) will delve into the journeys of migrants in ancient Italy and Iberia, while lectures given by Emma-Jayne Graham (OU) and Hannah Malone (Freie Universität Berlin) will explore ancient and nineteenth-century funerary practices in Italy.

This event is linked to the BSR Rome event Journeys Without End (10 October), and is part of the Being Human Festival of the Humanities 2018: ‘Origins & Endings’.

This event will be held at the British Academy, 10 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AH. Please contact if you wish to attend.

Follow the link to read speaker Elena Isayev’s blog on journeys: