Old St Peters

Old St Peter’s stood for nearly a millenium over the supposed grave of the Apostle Peter, before being replaced in the 15th -17th centuries by the masterpiece we see today. In March 2010 the world’s leading scholars of the earlier great church gathered at the BSR.

Plenary lecture

Paolo Liverani (Università degli studi di Firenze), St. Peter’s and the City of Rome between the Late Antique and the Early Middle Ages


Pietro Zander (Reverenda Fabbrica di San Pietro), La costruzione della basilica costantiniana nelle testimonianze superstiti della Necropoli di San Pietro
Richard Gem (UK), Constantine, Constans and St Peter’s: A New Solution to the Building History of the 4th-century Basilica
Lex Bosman (University of Amsterdam), Spolia in the Fourth-century Basilica
Joan Barclay Lloyd (LaTrobe University, Melbourne), Revisiting Old St. Peter’s with Richard Krautheimer
Olof Brandt (Päpstliches Institut für christliche Archäologie), The Early Christian Baptistery of St. Peter’s
Meaghan McEvoy (Dumbarton Oaks/ University of Oxford), The Mausoleum of Honorius: Late Roman Imperial Christianity and the City of Rome in the Fifth Century
Judson J. Emerick (Pomona College), Did the Early Christian Sant’Anastasia Copy Old St. Peter’s?
Annie Labatt (Yale University), The Life of the Roman “Anastasis” in Old St. Peter’s from John VII to Formosus
Antonella Ballardini (Università degli studi Roma Tre), Per una ricostruzione dell’oratorio di Giovanni VII nell’antica basilica Vaticana: la decorazione architettonica e scultorea
Paola Pogliani (Università degli studi della Tuscia), Per una ricostruzione dell’oratorio di Giovanni VII (705-707) nell’antica basilica Vaticana: i mosaici
Per Jonas Nordhagen (University of Bergen), Palladium of the Urbs: The Orant Maria Regina of A.D. 705-707. Byzantine Image-making before Iconoclasm
Alan Thacker (IHR University of London), Clergy and Custodes at Old St Peter’s, 4th- 8th Centuries
Eamonn O’Carragain (University of Cork), Interactions Between Liturgy and Politics in Old St Peter’s, 670-740: John the Archcantor, Sergius and Gregory II and III
Peter Jeffery (University of Notre Dame), The Roman Liturgical Year and the Early Liturgy of St. Peter’s
Charles McClendon (Brandeis University), Old St Peter’s and the Iconoclastic Controversy
Ann van Dijk (Northern Illinois University), Old St. Peter’s and the Cult of Icons in Rome
Rosamond McKitterick (University of Cambridge), The Representation of Old St Peter’s Basilica in the Liber Pontificalis
Joanna Story (Leicester University), The Carolingians and Old St Peter’s
Caroline Goodson (Birkbeck College, University of London), Old St Peters and the Political Topography of Carolingian Rome
Carmela Vircillo Franklin (American Academy in Rome), The Legendary of St Peter’s Basilica: Hagiographic Traditions and Innovations in the Late 11th century
John Osborne (Carleton University), Plus Caesare Petrus: The Medieval Understanding of the Vatican Obelisk
Katharina Christa Schüppel (Leipzig University), The Stucco Crucifix of St. Peter’s: Textual Sources and Visual Evidence on the Renaissance Copy of a Medieval Silver Crucifix
Carol M. Richardson (The Open University), Papal tombs in Old St Peter’s after Avignon
Robert Glass (Princeton University), Filarete’s Renovation of the Porta Argentea at Old St. Peter’s
Catherine Fletcher (Rome Fellow, British School at Rome), The Altar of St Maurice and the Invention of Tradition in St Peter’s
Bram Kempers (University of Amsterdam), A Hybrid History: The Antique Basilica with a Modern Dome

Session Chairs

Christopher Smith (British School at Rome)
Serena Romano (Université de Lausanne)
Thomas FX Noble (University of Notre Dame)
Yitzhak Hen (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)