Forestories. Sam Burke + Domenico De Clario

Australian artists Sam Burke and Domenico De Clario will perform Forestories in the BSR Gallery on Thursday, 22 September 2011, 6.30-7.15 PM 

Domenico de Clario (Australia Council Resident Artist, July-September 2011) is an artist and currently the director of the Australian Experimental Art Foundation. He was born in Trieste in 1947 and migrated to Australia in 1956. He began teaching in art schools in 1973 and from 2001-2006 was Head of Contemporary Arts at ECU in Perth and from 2006-2008 Head of Fine Arts at Melbourne’s Monash University. Since 1966 de Clario has exhibited and performed widely both in Australia and throughout the world and has published a number of books and CDs.

Sam Burke is an Australian performer, musician and multidisciplinary artist. She graduated from the University of Melbourne’s Music Conservatorium in 2000, majoring in voice, and went on to further her training in Vienna. In addition to writing and performing her music Sam is also a dancer, actor, visual artist and dedicated yogini, whose discipline informs all of Sam’s creative practice. In 2012 Sam will release her second collection of original material in a CD titled ‘Sottovoce’.