Film Viewing - San Lorenzo: Luoghi e memoria

Tuesday 11 December 2012, 18.00-19.30

Film viewing:
San Lorenzo: luoghi e memoria (San Lorenzo: memory and place)
57 minutes, colour and b/w
Director: David Forgacs. Camera and editing: Dan Sayer. Year: 2005
Language: English, and Italian w/ English subtitles

This film looks at San Lorenzo, a district bounded on all four sides, first developed and settled in 1884-6. Its history is punctuated by various events which have left visible remains, like a series of archaeological strata, on the built environment, including the events of 1943 (the Allied bombing on 19 July and the deportation of Jews by the SS on 16-18 October), the extreme left politics of the 1970s and the recent [2005] episodes of neo-fascist racist violence.