BSR Online Lecture | Reframing the Italian Renaissance at the National Gallery

WEDNESDAY 17 MARCH, 18.00–19.30 CET

Harriet O’Neill (BSR) and Peter Schade (National Gallery, London)

This event will take place via Zoom and requires advance registration. Please click here to reserve your place.

This conversation will examine the physical reframing of Italian Renaissance panels at the National Gallery undertaken by Peter Schade, Head of Framing and his colleagues. The speakers will discuss the motivations behind reframing, the research required to select an appropriate frame and the intended affect. In the final part of this talk reframing will be considered in relation to how artworks move into new display contexts.

Harriet O’Neill is Assistant Director for Fine Arts, Humanities and the Social Sciences at the BSR. Peter Schade trained as a wood carver in Berlin and has worked with frames in London since 1990. He became Head of Framing at the National Gallery in 2005 and has reframed over 300 paintings from its permanent collection.