Book Launch: The Spanish Presence in Sixteenth-century Italy

Wednesday 4 February 2015 18.00

The presentation of The Spanish Presence in Sixteenth-century Italy: Images of Iberia
Edited by Piers Baker-Bates (Open University) and Miles Pattenden (Oxford).

Speakers to Include: Costanza Barbieri (Accademia Belle Arti Roma), Simon Ditchfield (York) and Rafael Valladares Ramírez (EEHAR)




The sixteenth century was a critical period in Iberian history. Spanish monarchs ruled far and wide, spreading agents and culture across Europe and the wider world.  In Italy, they encountered another culture with proud achievements and great aspirations. The essays collected in this volume demonstrate what influenced and what determined Italians’ responses to Spain; they show Spanish Italy in its full transcultural glory, and how its inhabitants projected its culture – throughout the sixteenth century and beyond.