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BSR and the Commonwealth

Despite our name, the British School at Rome is proudly a Commonwealth institution and many of our scholarships are open to citizens of Commonwealth countries.

Scholars, artists and architects from across the Commonwealth have been staff members, residents or award-holders throughout our history, especially in recent years.

Pictured above: Australians at the BSR. From left: Nicole Moffatt (Macquarie Gale Rome Scholar 2016-17), Christopher Browne (William Fletcher Foundation Scholar 2016-17), Kate Power (Helpmann Academy Resident 2016-17), Gary Deirmendjian (National Art School, Sydney, Resident), Jason Blockley (Coleman-Hilton Scholar (University of Sydney) Scholar 2016-17)


Many Canadians have enriched the community of the BSR, including:


Laura Banducci (Rome Scholar 2011-12)

Louise Bourdua (Rome Scholar 1988-9; Balsdon Fellow 2004–5)

Maureen Carroll (Balsdon Fellow 2007-8)

Anne Dunlop (Rome Award 1998-9)

Franco De Angelis (Rome Scholar 1996–7)

Janis Elliot (Grant-in-Aid of Research 1994-5)

Michelle George (Hugh Last Fellow 2013-14)

David Gentilcore (Rome Scholar 1989-90)

Elena Isayev (Rome Scholar 1997-8)

Michael MacKinnon (Rome Scholar 2001–2)

Andrew Manson (Rome Awardee 2003-4)

Oren Margolis (Rome Awardee 2011-12)

Beth Munro (Rome Awardee 2008–9)

John Osborne (Rome Scholar 1978-9)

Richard Pollard (Rome Fellow 2009–10)

Julien Riel-Salvatore (Rome Awardee 2004–5)

Heather Robbins (Rome Awardee 2006-7)

Léa-Catherine Szacka (Giles Worsley Fellow 2010–11)


Canadian artists have not been neglected, with Clara Ursitti holding the ACE Helen Chadwick Fellowship (2006–7) and Bernice Donszelmann the Abbey Fellowship (2004–5). 


The Quebec Architecture Residency was established in 2008 for professional architects with at least two years of practice (architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning and environmental design) and so far has supported the research of Pierre Gendron (2008-9), Darrel Ronald (2009-10), Katherine Lapierre (2010-11), Felix Schwimmer (2011-12), Natacher Boucher (2012-13), Ana Rewakowicz (2013-14), Georges Audet (2014–15), Jonas St. Michael (2015–16) and Caroline Cloutier (2016–17).

Australia and New Zealand

Antipodeans in particular have been represented both as award-holders and staff throughout our history and there are dedicated scholarships for Australian scholars and artists.

Simon Keay, currently BSR Research Professor in Archaeology hails from Australia.

There have also been several Australian Assistant Directors; Ian Robertson (1973-5), Andrew Hopkins (1997-2001) and most recently Sue Russell (2003-2011) and at least one New Zealander, Dale Trendall (1936-7), who ended his distinguished career at La Trobe University where the internationally renowned A.D.Trendall Research Centre, formed around his extraordinary library and archive of photographs of South Italian red-figure vases — partly collected during his tenure as BSR Librarian in the 1930s — today provides a focus for the study of ancient Mediterranean cultures.

Professor Trendall, believed firmly that Australian and New Zealand scholars had made and would continue to make a significant contribution to international scholarship.  This is borne out by his many compatriots who visit the School to undertake independent research and by those New Zealanders, Australians and Australian-based scholars who have held awards at the BSR, including the following:

Award holders

Penelope Allison (Rome Scholar 1989-90)

Caroline Anderson (Rome Awardee 2004-5)

Lisa Beaven (Rome Awardee 2001–2)

Roslynne Bell (Rome Awardee 2006-7)

Janet DeLaine, (Rome Scholar 1986–7; Hugh Last Fellow 1999–2000)

Matthew dal Santo (Rome Awardee 2007-8)

Caillan Davenport (Rome Awardee 2008-9)

Emma Gee (Rome Awardee 1996-7)

Felicity Harley (Ralegh Radford Rome Fellow 2004-5)

Andrew Hopkins (Grant-in-Aid of Research 1993-4)

Duncan Keenan-Jones (Rome Awardee 2010-11)

Meaghan McEvoy (Rome Scholar 2008-9)

Simon Macdonald (Rome Scholar 2010–11)

Sarah Morgan (Rome Fellow 2007-8)

Lisa Nevett (Hugh Last Fellow 2000-1)

Richard Read (Paul Mellon Fellow 2001–2)

Camilla Russell (Rome Awardee 1999-2000)

Susan Russell (Grant-in-Aid of Research 1994–5; Rome Awardee 1997–8)

Frank Sear, (Rome Scholar 1968–9; Hugh Last Fellow 1994–5; A.D. Trendall Fellow 2005–6)

Nicholas Temple (Paul Mellon Centre Rome Fellow 2011-12)

Robyn Veal (Ralegh Radford Rome Fellow 2011-12)

Julie-Ann Vickers (Rome Scholar 2003-4)

Other fellowships

BSR Fellowships have also been set up for scholars at New South Wales and Victorian universities:

The Macquarie University Gale Scholarship for scholars of Archaeology and Ancient History: Peter Keegan (2005-6); Peter Edwell (2006-7); Jaye McKenzie Clark (2007-8); Duncan Keenan Jones (2008-9); Clare Rowan (2009-10) Ellen Wescott (2010-11) Kavita Ayer (2012-13), Miriam Gillett (2013-14), Christopher Haddad (2014–15), Emlyn Dodd (2015–16) and Nicole Moffatt (2016–17).

The Coleman-Hilton (University of Sydney) Scholarship has been held by Michelle Borg (2012-13), Daniel Irwin (2013-14), Byron Waldron (2014–15), Camilla Norman (2015–16) and Jason Blockley (2016–17).

The Melbourne Rome Fellowship for postgraduate students of Italian studies: Katrina Grant (2007-8), Mark Shepheard (2008-9) and David Chidgey (2009-10).

The Youth Music Foundation of Australia supports a fellowship for young musicians: soprano Leanne Keneally (2004-5); pianist Stefan Cassomenos (2007-8) and soprano Suzanne Shakespeare (2008-9; 2010-11).

Studio residencies

As well as humanities researchers and the BSR-based study courses in art history led by Australian scholars since 1999, the Australia Council for the Arts has provided three-month studio residencies for Australian artists at the BSR enabling four artists each year to enjoy the benefits of working and exhibiting in Rome.

In 2005 the Melbourne exhibition, ‘Academici’ – The Australia Council Visual Arts/Crafts Board Rome Studio Residency 1999-2004, curated by Kit Wise, Monash University (Wingate Scholar 1999-2000) showcased the works of 18 Australian artists who have won the award, and was a triumphant demonstration of its success. When the exhibition moved to Rome, Leanne Kenneally (YMFA Scholar 2004-5) and her husband, Leon Warnock, performed Italian songs (and an exquisite version of ‘Waltzing Matilda’) at a concert to celebrate the opening.

Other dedicated Australian arts scholarships include the National Art Schools Sydney Scholarship, the William Fletcher Foundation Scholarship and most recently, the Australian Experimental Art Foundation Cibo Express Residency.

Other Commonwealth countries

From 1996 to 2003 architects from South Africa were supported by an award from The South African Institute of Architects:

Justin Snell (1996-7)
Suzanne du Toit (1998-9)
Jaco Booyens (2001-2)
Peter Bütgens (2003-4)

Scholars from some other Commonwealth countries include:

Simone Shu Yeng Chung (Rome Scholar in Architecture 2002-3) from Malaysia
Alvin Yip (Rome Scholar in Architecture 2004-5) from Hong Kong
Nicholas Vella (Rome Scholar 1998-9) and Isabelle Vella Gregory (Ralegh Radford Rome Scholar 2006-7) from Malta.

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